CVSDude to Grease oDesk's Outsourcing Wheels

Tomorrow CVSDude, provider of hosted software development environments, will announce a partnership with oDesk, an online marketplace for developers. The deal will eventually result in an oDesk branded version of CVSDude’s technology.

These two companies are a natural fit for one other. Whereas oDesk helps developers from all over the world find clients, and vice versa, CVSDude provides tools that help developers collaborate with each other and share their work with clients. In particular, CVSDude hosts version control systems that enable developers, perhaps located continents apart, to work on the same set of code without having to worry about redundancy and conflicts.

This partnership will start as a cross-promotional one with oDesk and CVSDude generating leads for each other from their respective sites. But CVSDude has also been developing an API that will soon allow them to license their technology to oDesk for rebranding purposes. oDesk will be the first to use the API, although CVSDude says that it is seeking other partners as well.

The ease with which companies can outsource work should be improved by this deal, since oDesk will become a one-stop shop for both finding developers and executing projects. While CVSDude says that 60% of its 40,000+ users are in the United States, many of its customers also log in from China and India.

CVSDude is located in Brisbane, Australia and has been in operation since 2002. While part of a government-funded incubator, the company is looking for its first round of angel investment.