Pandora's shut-down made pointless by GlobalPandora

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Online radio station Pandora recently closed down in the UK and has been unavailable in Europe for a while. Of course, it’s possible to access it by playing around with a proxy service but it is often complicated and unreliable. But as TechCrunch France reports, now GlobalPandora has arrived to take the headache out of the process. It even identifies you with your existing Pandora account. Of course, as soon as Pandora hears about this they will try to shut it down, no doubt spawning thousands of imitators and making the whole shut-down as pointless as it was to begin with.

GlobalPandora is also linking to a British petition to lower the price of the licenses for Internet radio stations, one of the reasons given by Pandora for cutting international access. As online radio expert James Cridland (who also happens to be at the BBC) explains in detail, running costs for radio are crippling enough for traditional radio stations – for online they can amount for as much as 94% of revenue.

Clearly the GlobalPandora site has been designed by Brits, so if you’re reading this then get in touch with TechCrunch UK as I’d like to hear more.

Update:  As predicted GlobalPandora is now not working. Prior to this the developers contacted me saying “Donations are very scarce though not even covering the costs of the servers.”

  • fukeo

    Surely Deezer surpasses these guys – especially the emdedable player that doesn’t even have the displays ads!

  • Chris Thornett

    Hey Mike,

    I’m not sure who runs it, but they heard about the petition and what some UK Pandora users were doing and added the link in support.

    Here’s an extract from Mr GlobalPandora I got today:

    “I wish you good luck with the campaign and that everyone may
    enjoy online streaming music in the future.”

    The last time I looked the petition was past 1,100 signatures, but we need more people to sign.

    Personally, I don’t condone what GlobalPandora is doing, but what the music industry will hopefully appreciate by now is that its very hard to stop people from listening to music how they want to listen to it. If they’re not using GlobalPandora it’ll be proxies next.

    Meanwhile, Pandora still wants to run legitimately in the UK and pay royalties to all artists that are played, but the fees are too excessive to make that possible. James Cridland’s write-up clearly demonstrates that.

    The Internet radio royalties need to be re-assessed and as the industry matures then the fees can increase in-line with growth. You’d think this was obvious, but clearly the message isn’t getting through.

  • GlobalPandora - Access Pandora From Anywhere at franticindustries - web 2.0, social networking, IT technology trends.

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  • Robert Gordron

    Isn’t pandora already irrelevant with imeem now stealing all its users with its larger catalogue and embeddable player and whatnot?

  • donald

    i have made a related and quite useful post for anyone who still wants to use pandora outside the US. im not computer literate really and i would appreciate the support for my group. please join it (its on face book) and contribute advice and pass it around. i think its so wrong what the station has been forced to do. if the music industry hadnt spent all its time ripping of the public it may have found some loyalty in its consumers, the fact that theyre taking a hit is nothing to do with stations like pandora and once again theyre trying to unfairly control the markets. to all major record labels around the world, your time has come and its your fault. try giving something back to the people youve taken from for so long. here is the link to the group

    thankyou to all who help. Don

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