• Doing It Wrong: Irish Newspaper Licensing Organization Asks Women’s Charity To Pay For Links

    Doing It Wrong: Irish Newspaper Licensing Organization Asks Women’s Charity To Pay For Links

    An Irish women’s charity, Women’s Aid, linked to some articles on the Irish Examiner (like this, this, and this) and thought that all was right with the world. Heck, that’s how the Internet works, right? It turns out that according to the Irish Newspaper Licensing organization, you need to pay to link to the newspapers. And there the troubles begin. Read More

  • Share events the Serbian way with Plakatt

    Plakatt is a new free service launching today out of Serbia which allows users to share and find events in their own city or in the region. In other words it’s an online event manager meets social network. The startup is joint venture of two companies from Novi Sad — Rendered Text and Sprawsm. Plakatt users are able to post events they are interested in, browse existing ones and… Read More

  • Nosco tries to inject some startup mojo into corporates

    How can you engage employees to come up with ideas and take ownership of corporate innovation? Usually startups don’t have that problem because ’employees’ are part of the innovation engine. But plenty of other companies would like that mojo. So Nosco has built an online suggestion box to support Idea Exchange management within a company, and hopefully answer that question. Read More

  • Cylon precursor lives to help you discover new music

    Meet MuZoid. She’s a very clever bot created by some even cleverer people; she’s all about killing all humans helping you find more music to love, CDs to buy and gigs to attend, and she does it all through Twitter, naturally. Twitter users sending a tweet with the name of a band or artist to MuZoid receive a reply in less than 2.5 seconds with a link to a bespoke webpage containing… Read More

  • SellaBand takes audience participation in independent music to the US

    SellaBand, the social music startup which encourages music fans to invest in up-and-coming artists, is expanding its offering to the US in a deal with company CreateSpace. The deal relies on CreateSpace’s Disc on Demand service, an inventory-free solution in which discs are manufactured only after a customer places an order. It’s an elegant and affordable solution to… Read More

  • Yahoo Mobile launches across eight countries, 300 devices

    The mobile content service which Yahoo previewed at Mobile World Congress in February launched today across eight countries, available both as an iPhone app and a mobile content site optimised for 300 devices ‘with HTML-enabled mobile browsers’. Yahoo Mobile, available at or from the App Store, combines what you’d expect from Yahoo’s services… Read More

  • ventures into dark age, returns with business model, a photo sharing community site launched in private beta in March 2007, has relaunched with a slew of new features and a more clearly defined business model. Two years seems like a long time for a site to be in beta, and Picli’s developer/designer founder duo of Sam Street and Sean Miller acknowledge this in the FAQ, referring to 2008 as ‘the dark age’ in which… Read More

  • Shock! Horror! iPhones don't make a Top 20 popularity list

    Here’s something from the department of Quelle Surprise: Bango (AIM: BGO) reckons the iPhone lags behind the top 20 mobile handsets most used in browsing and buying on the mobile web. The Bango Top 20 handset list, based on Bango’s February statistics, puts the Nokia 3110c on top, followed by the Samsung M800 in 2nd and the Nokia 6300 in 3rd place. On the whole, smartphones account… Read More

  • AudioBoo out of beta, now available at App Store

    AudioBoo, the audio blogging platform and iPhone app that was launched in private beta in January, is now freely available at the App Store. It’s one of 4iP’s first investments – backing Best Before Media’s development of AudioBoo, which lets users create and tag recordings which in effect produce a map of the world tagged with evocative sounds of each place. Knocking… Read More

  • TechCrunch Dinner with Scott Rafer, CEO Lookery

    UPDATE: This event is now sold out. I recently heard that Scott Rafer would be in town next week. Scott is a Silicon Valley Internet entrepreneur, CEO of Lookery (CrunchBase info), and former CEO of MyBlogLog, which was acquired by Yahoo! last year for $10 million. So I thought I’d throw a quick dinner to get some startups together and chat. Scott will be talking informally about the… Read More

  • Global internet portal? Check.

    Tuesday/Wednesday next week sees the launch of the grand-sounding World Biz Online, and my Spidey Sense is already tingling. Big London launch in a Mayfair hotel? Check. “Global internet portal”? Check. “The first functioning Web 3.0 site on the internet”? Check. Poised to “change the way that business is currently done on the internet”? Check. So I just got… Read More

  • Pikum launches beta for friendly betting

    Pikum has gone into an invite only beta. The site lets anyone create and play games called Pikums where they can see who’s better at predicting the outcomes of future events/sports fixtures. Pikums can be played for bragging rights, or users can compete for real cash, capitalising on the attention and engagement of fans. Think gambling social network. Technically an e-gambling site… Read More

  • Pixsta's ad network for fashion is all about image

    Pixsta is a London-based startup with an image search technology which allows you to browse and search visually. Since launching trials with a handful of partners including Elle’s browse&buy as well as others like the News of The World, it’s now going on the warpath with an image-based advertising network for the online fashion retail market, similar to Google’s… Read More

  • – how Google and Virgin forgot a domain

    On March 31st this year Google and Virgin announced a joint venture: to create a human settlement on Mars. Sir Richard Branson penned a passionate statement on the Google Blog, saying: “Larry Page, Sergey Brin and I feel strongly that contemporary technology is sufficiently advanced to make such an effort both successful and economical…” Virgle, the name of the joint… Read More

  • Hobnox – quality audio and video tools

    Hobnox is a video and audio tools platform in closed beta coming out of Cologne, Germany. It’s aimed – mainly – at users who’d like to use rich tools to create and collaborate over video and audio. And I must say, what they have done with Flash tools is amazing. The idea is to unite broadcast quality media with community tools. So the Hobnox Audio Teaser audio engine is… Read More

  • loses on appeal

    MySpace thought it was all over when it secured the domain in February this year. A decision by Nominet’s dispute resolution service handed over the address, which previously had been owned by a small UK ISP since 1997, two years before launched. But an appeals panel has today handed the domain back to Total Web Solutions (TWS), a company in Stockport, near… Read More

  • Coldplay proves that free music is… popular

    Last.FM has got in touch to say that since the new Coldplay single ‘Violet Hill’ was released for free on Coldplay’s website this morning, Last.FM has been tracking the number of times it’s been listened to. And it’s a lot: 10,000 times in the 5 hours since the track was released. That’s 1 play every 2 seconds. Apparently the last time a track was listened… Read More

  • Anyone else notice Lycos Europe is for sale? No, me neither

    Lycos Europe, the forgotten portal site which left the tent and said “I am just going outside and may be some time” a few hundred years back, is up for sale (via PaidContent). Owned 32.1 percent by Telefonica and 20 percent by Bertelsmann, it’s now appointed Dresdner Kleinwort as its advisor following the inevitable “strategic review to evaluate its options”. Read More

  • Friends Reunited relaunches, threatens several startups

    The venerable FriendsReunited, one of the the oldest social networks in the UK, has relaunched as a free social network containing features which will have a direct impact on several niche social startups, specifically Miomi and Rememble, which are both pushing the “digital lifestyle aggregation” as a feature. Rememble is a bootstrapped startup but Miomi is a larger venture backed… Read More

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