Verizon Wireless to Battle iTunes

verizon1.jpgAs our sister site Crunchgear is reporting Verizon Wireless has gathered some powerful allies in its war with iTunes. MTV and RealNetworks have joined forces with Verizon in a formation called “Rhapsody America.” The idea is to create an integrated digital music service that users can access by way of their PC, portable music device and mobile phone.

Former Urge subscribers and current V CAST and Rhapsody subscribers, will be able to use Rhapsody America to integrate all three music delivery systems into one easy to use service. If a song is downloaded onto your mobile phone, it can be sent to your computer. Music downloaded onto your computer can be installed on your Verizon phone.

It’s impossible to predict how well this venture will pan out. The iTunes brand is a formidable foe. But let’s hope some unfriendly competition can lead to lower prices and better service.

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