Pay-Per-Use Electricity at Dallas-Fort Worth

Let’s recap, shall we? You arrive at the airport and a little man in a vest yells at you to move your car and stop hugging. Then you move to the front counter or perhaps a buggy kiosk and wait until Lomo the Ticket Agent stops talking on his cell long enough to press three buttons. You then get patted down, all of your liquids taken away, eyed with suspicion, and then forced to walk on icy slush through the metal detector and yelled at for carrying concealed Chapstik.

Then you hit the gate after spending $10 on a new bottle of water and find that your flight is delayed 24 hours while they resuscitate the 80 people on a previous flight who spent 15 hours on the tarmac because someone in the tower figured the “tornado would pass overhead and then everyone can go” and then went to lunch. Those passengers then join you, sleeping across your lap at the gate and you will all soon fight for seats on an already overbooked flight.

Time to do some work. You pull out your laptop, pay $15 for 15 minutes of Wi-Fi and then… please pay $2 for electricity. Next time you’re driving to Cancun.

Pay-per-use electricity in Dallas/Fort-Worth airport [BoingBoing]