• Sick travelers will soon get booted from the airport, train station, Greyhound station, etc.

    Airports are riddled with germs and sickly folk that have no business being in public, right? In most instances you can get away from them, but if they’re on your flight, the risk of getting sick increases ten fold. Or something like that. If Belgium’s Biorics’ latest project gets off the ground then we may never have to worry about flying with sick people ever again. Read More

  • What exactly is a TSA-friendly laptop bag?

    I don’t have too much of a problem sliding my laptop out of my bag whenever I travel, but to be honest every second that’s taken out of that whole security situation is one more second I could be sitting at the gate playing SNES, so I might invest in one of these special bags. But what makes them so special exactly? Read More

  • Quick and dirty free airport web surfing trick

    Raise your hand if you like paying $10 or so for 24 hours of airport Internet access that you’re only going to use for 15 minutes. While I certainly wouldn’t suggest that you use this trick for endless, free web surfing on a for-pay wireless network, maybe your conscience would allow you to just quickly jump on to grab your e-mail or some music for your MP3 player before you… Read More

  • Starting today you can leave your laptop in a bag at airport security

    As you know, the Transportation Safety Administration has decided to allow laptop-carrying airline passengers keep their laptops in specially approved bags at security checkpoints. It’s actually the most revolutionary decision in United States bureaucracy history. To that end, the TSA has finally posted details on its Web site how all this is going to work. That handy graphic shows the… Read More

  • Best Buy to populate airports with gadget vending machines

    Everybody’s most loathed favorite electronics retailer is putting its already-sticky fingers into the airport pie to see if it can wring a little more cash out of uninformed gadget buyers. They’re installing gadget dispensers in airports across the country come September, probably a lot like the ones already there, but the Best Buy ones will also dispense injustice. Actually, to… Read More

  • Delta now accepting cell-phone boarding passes

    Delta passengers at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (if you haven’t been stuck there for four or five hours yet, you simply MUST try it) will now be able to pull up their boarding passes on their favorite mobile devices. Phones can be used to check in for flights and also at security checkpoints and gates. Security agents and Delta employees presumably scan an image of a barcode… Read More

  • Travel Advisory: Optimus Prime is a security threat

    The guy in the photo here, UK resident Brad Jayakody, tried to board an airplane wearing that Transformers T-shirt and was told by security at London’s Heathrow airport, “You cannot get on the plane because there is a gun on your T-shirt,” according to The Sun.  Luckily, Brad was able to change into a different shirt in order to board the plane. A spokesperson for… Read More

  • British company advances see-through camera tech

    Remember the X-ray technology from Total Recall? A British company has developed what it calls “ThruVision” — a similar technology that “uses what it calls ‘passive imaging technology’ to identify objects by the natural electromagnetic rays — known as Terahertz or T-rays — that they emit,” according to Reuters. “Depending on the… Read More

  • How come nobody told me about the Dallas airport?

    I recently missed a connecting flight from Vegas to Dallas to Boston, so I had some time to kill at DFW. My flight was leaving out of the D terminal and let me tell you, there are some strange and wonderful things there. From weird vending machines to massive structures right in the middle of everything, here’s some cool stuff I found. Read More

  • Denver Airport wireless adds local movie downloads

    Already pretty high up on a short list of airports offering free wireless internet access, Denver International has just upped the ante a bit. The same network provider, FreeFi, is now offering movie rentals over the local network. So simple, yet so brilliant. Read More

  • Way to be awesome, Denver International Airport

    DIA joins the short list of American airports that offer free wireless Internet access. Other airports include San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, and Portland (Oregon), to name a few. Denver International has seen a ten-fold increase in users since the service was made free. Previously, the service had been set at $7.95 for a 24-hour connection. I really hope other airports follow suit. Read More