UK’s extended 5km airport drone ‘no-fly’ zones in force next month

The UK’s Department for Transport has said today that an expansion of drone ‘no-fly’ zones to 5km around airport runways will come into force on March 13. Anyone caught and convicted

Investors still don’t understand the fundamentals of US/China relations

This weekend, Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed to something of a détente around American tariffs on Chinese goods. Stocks across Asia swooned, for reasons that make no sense to me. Plus,

Apple Maps gets indoor mapping for more than 30 airports

As of this morning, Apple Maps has expanded to include indoor layouts of 30 airports across the globe. The company has primarily hit American cities thus far, covering what looks to be most of the big

Denver takes fastest airport Wi-Fi crown, with Philly and Sea-Tac as runners-up

Bragging rights for the fastest airport Wi-Fi go to Denver by a long shot, according to's latest data, although Philadelphia, Sea-Tac, and Dallas Fort Worth bringing up the rear. But mob

UK Widens Ban On Dead Mobile Devices On Flights

The UK government has issued new aviation security guidelines warning that passengers traveling by plane to or from the UK might now face checks on any electronic devices they are carrying with them t

Boingo Deal Could Bring 30 Minutes Of Free Wi-Fi At New York Metropolitan Airports

If you travel frequently in the New York-metropolitan area, you'll be happy to hear that the Port Authority is expected to approve a new deal with Boingo Wireless today, which would offer free Wi-Fi f

Zady Goes Very Much On The Beaten Path, With A Pop Up At LaGuardia

After launching in August, the conscious consumerism startup Zady is angling to boost its profile this gifting season by setting up camp in the beating heart of holiday foot traffic: the Delta termina

JiWire Jumps Into The Free WiFi Game With AWG To Boost Its Ad Network In U.S. Airports

<a target="_blank" href="">JiWire</a>, the location-based advertising company that uses WiFi networks to locate users and deliver ads, has signed a deal with <a target="_blank" hr

GateGuru Looks To Improve The Holiday Travel Experience With New Design, Last-Minute Rental Car Deals

Holiday travel season is underway, and, though it comes with the promise of turkey hangovers and time spent with loved ones, it also means having to endure high gas prices, inclement weather, traffic

Don’t Put Down That iPad — 8,000 Mobile Devices Left At Top U.S. Airports

The flight is boarding and you are in a rush. You get on the plane. At 10,000 feet, you reach into your bag. Your laptop is not there. It happens all the time. In fact, according to a new survey,

Outrage: Privacy group target airport body scanners

<img src="" />Man, people are pretty uncomfortable with their bodies. Remember those whole-body airport scanners? Well, “privacy advocate

Sick travelers will soon get booted from the airport, train station, Greyhound station, etc.

<img src="" alt="" />Airports are riddled with germs and sickly folk that have no business being in public, right? In most instanc

What exactly is a TSA-friendly laptop bag?

I don’t have too much of a problem sliding my laptop out of my bag whenever I travel, but to be honest every second that’s taken out of that whole security situation is one more second I c

Quick and dirty free airport web surfing trick

Raise your hand if you like paying $10 or so for 24 hours of airport Internet access that you’re only going to use for 15 minutes. While I certainly wouldn’t suggest that you use this trick for en

Starting today you can leave your laptop in a bag at airport security

As you know, the Transportation Safety Administration has decided to allow laptop-carrying airline passengers keep their laptops in specially approved bags at security checkpoints. It’s actually

Best Buy to populate airports with gadget vending machines

Everybody’s most loathed favorite electronics retailer is putting its already-sticky fingers into the airport pie to see if it can wring a little more cash out of uninformed gadget buyers. They&

Delta now accepting cell-phone boarding passes

Delta passengers at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (if you haven’t been stuck there for four or five hours yet, you simply MUST try it) will now be able to pull up their boarding passes on their fav

Travel Advisory: Optimus Prime is a security threat

The guy in the photo here, UK resident Brad Jayakody, tried to board an airplane wearing that Transformers T-shirt and was told by security at London’s Heathrow airport, “You cannot get on

British company advances see-through camera tech

Remember the X-ray technology from Total Recall? A British company has developed what it calls “ThruVision” — a similar technology that “uses what it calls ‘passive imagi

How come nobody told me about the Dallas airport?

I recently missed a connecting flight from Vegas to Dallas to Boston, so I had some time to kill at DFW. My flight was leaving out of the D terminal and let me tell you, there are some strange and won
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