• Meet Digg's New CEO

    Digg has hired Amazon exec Matt Williams to be their new CEO, we’ve confirmed. This ends a months-long process that began with the ouster of former CEO Jay Adelson in April. Founder Kevin Rose has run the company since then. Williams has been with Amazon for more than a decade – since 1999. He is currently the GM of Consumer Payments. But he has held a variety of jobs –… Read More

  • Former Digg Engineer: Digg v4 Is Here To Stay

    “Digg v4 is not a redesign, not a reskin, it is a 100% rewrite. It’s completely new design, code, architecture, and infrastructure. It has almost no relationship to the v3 system whatsoever.“ Social news site Digg is currently in the particularly bloody throes of its fifth user revolt, and unlike revolts one through four, we’ve heard that Digg is absolutely positively… Read More

  • Why Is Reddit All Over Digg Right Now?

    The news page on Digg, and particularly the Technology category, is currently plastered with links to discussions and images posted on rival Reddit instead. That’ll bring Reddit some traffic this morning, but more importantly it’s a bit of an embarrassing situation for Digg. The Next Web speculates that Reddit is ‘gaming’ Digg, but there seems to be something else at… Read More

  • Bit.ly Clickabit, Now. Bit.ly Now, Later?

    Bit.ly Clickabit, Now. Bit.ly Now, Later?

    Today on their blog, URL shortening service Bit.ly unveiled a cute new feature: Clickabit. It’s a Twitter account that surfaces some of the “surprising and bizarre” links being shortened and shared across their network. But the feature also hints at something we’ve been talking about for a while: Bit.ly Now. “We’re currently hard at work on several systems… Read More

  • Move Over Fail Whale, Digg 4's Got A Fail Ox

    If you’ve been on the new Digg at all in the past day or so you’re probably already familiar with the above “Fail Ox” image, especially if you’re trying to use Digg search. The image is new, and is the result of Digg designer Tyson Rosage’s obsession with The Oregon Trail, you know the old school computer game. Founder Kevin Rose told TechCrunch and… Read More

  • Follow Us On the New Digg

    The new Digg is here and clearly it is in your best interests to follow us on it. You can do that by going here and I guess following us. You can also follow us on Twitter and you can follow us home and we’ll keep you like a lost puppy. Whatever floats your boat. We’re just trying to keep current. Read More

  • Path Snags Digg's Matt Van Horn As VP Of Biz Dev, Approaches Launch

    Digg Head of Business Development Matt Van Horn is leaving Digg to move over to the “stealthish” startup Path as VP of Business Development. This Friday will be his last day at Digg, which just this week announced its V.4 redesign. From Van Horn’s announcement email to colleagues: When I graduated college in 2006, it was a crazy dream to move to the bay area and join a… Read More

  • New Version of Digg Goes Live For Everyone This Morning

    New Version of Digg Goes Live For Everyone This Morning

    It’s finally here. Digg, the social link sharing site that has watched its once-meteoric rise to popularity level off over the last couple years, is relaunching today as it attempts to surge to greater heights —¬†with an added focus on making the site better for publishers as well as users. Digg v4 will be rolling out over the next few hours, and brings some major changes that… Read More

  • A Thousand Invites Of The New Digg Empire Descend Upon You

    In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new version of Digg which is on the verge of launching. Beta invites for it are so sought-after that even Bill Cosby had to personally ask founder Kevin Rose for one on Twitter the other day. Thankfully, he got his invite. But for those of you who aren’t stars of one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, we have some good news for you… Read More

  • Bill Cosby, New Coke's Biggest Booster, Wants In On The New Digg

    Comedian Bill Cosby of New Coke and Jello Pudding Pop endorsing fame is totally excited for the new Digg 4, so much so that he can’t wait a few of weeks for its upcoming launch and needs an alpha invite like NOW. Cosby, who has been in the news recently for some interesting opinions on race, also could use the Digg founder’s help with his new iPhone app, Bill Cosby for the iPhone. Read More

  • Digg To AOL Exodus Claims Biz Dev VP Bob Buch

    Former Digg biz dev head Bob Buch will as of Monday take on a new role as AOL’s VP of Business Development. Buch will joining Digg’s former Chief Strategy Officer Mike Maser, former Marketing Manager Aubrey Sabala, and former Head of Communications Kiersten Hollars, who all made the switch over to AOL. Buch will be part of a team helmed by former Google Managing Counsel and current… Read More

  • Digg Vs. Reddit: The Infographic

    Digg Vs. Reddit: The Infographic

    There’s always been a form of healthy rivalry between Reddit and Digg, and its respective user bases. I’m one of those indifferent people who think there’s plenty of room for multiple sites of the kind, and that these sites actually make each other stronger and better in their state of co-existence. Rising tide lifting all boats and all that. Nevertheless, I was keen on… Read More

  • Kevin Rose Announces fforward, A Weekly Tech/Geek Culture Show

    Digg founder Kevin Rose, after confirming that he’s leaving Diggnation at the end of this year, is now announcing his new show. It’s fforward – pronounced “forward” – and you can sign up to be notified of the launch now. The new show will be launching in a couple of months, Kevin tells me, “as a weekly live streaming tech/geek culture show.”… Read More

  • Kevin Rose To Leave Diggnation

    Digg founder and CEO Kevin Rose will be leaving his popular Diggnation show, we’ve heard from a source. This has not been confirmed by Kevin, but we believe it’s accurate. Revision3, which hosts the show, has not yet returned our request for comment. The show has been “aired” since July 1, 2005 and regularly attracts 200,000 or more viewers. It is the most popular show… Read More

  • Open URL Sharing Protocol OExchange Gets Support From Google, Microsoft, Et Al.

    Open URL Sharing Protocol OExchange Gets Support From Google, Microsoft, Et Al.

    OExchange, a simple specification for URL-based content sharing on the Web, was introduced today by a number of online service providers and social networks. The open link-sharing protocol has gained support from Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Digg, Instapaper, StumbleUpon, Clearspring Technologies and a handful more. So what’s it all about? OExchange essentially establishes a common way… Read More

  • Guy Who Copied Digg Slams Digg For Copying Twitter

    One of the founders of Reddit, a Digg-clone, openly criticized Digg founder Kevin Rose yesterday for his plans to implement “me-too” features into the new version of the service. We consider this to be absurd and rather impolite. Yesterday we discovered a video showing some of the features of the upcoming relaunch of Digg. In a nutshell, Digg has been trying to find a way to… Read More

  • Exclusive Video And Screenshots Of Digg Version 4

    Exclusive Video And Screenshots Of Digg Version 4

    The video below, which we believe will be shown to publishers to promote the new Digg, gives a never before seen look at the new version of Digg, version 4, that the company has been working on for over a year – founder Kevin Rose first spoke about it in April 2009. The new version of the service is designed to get publishers, currently enamored with the viral spread of content on… Read More

  • SimpleGeo Digs Up Another $8 Million And A Group Of Former Digg Employees

    SimpleGeo Digs Up Another $8 Million And A Group Of Former Digg Employees

    Almost exactly one year ago, we first wrote about former Digg lead architect, Joe Stump, and former Social Thing founder, Matt Galligan, teaming up to form Crash Corp., an “alternate reality mobile gaming” startup. A lot can change in a year. Today, Stump and Galligan are well into building out SimpleGeo, the location platform company that Crash Corp. turned into. That… Read More

  • Kevin Rose Gives A Glimpse Of The New Digg

    Kevin Rose Gives A Glimpse Of The New Digg

    Yesterday, while he was visiting his father and working beside a Colorado stream, Kevin Rose sent out a seemingly bland, lazy Sunday Tweet: Working on @digg stuff while relaxing with my dad in evergreen, co. Home tomorrow #lifeisgood http://twitpic.com/1ofwqh But the payload of that Tweet, a link to picture showing a glimpse of Rose’s computer screen, is much more interesting. The laptop… Read More

  • Digg's Biggest Problem Is Its Users And Their Constant Opinions On Things

    Digg's Biggest Problem Is Its Users And Their Constant Opinions On Things

    There’s a saying I love: “a camel is a horse designed by committee.” A variation is “a volvo is a porsche designed by committee.” Some of the best product advice I’ve ever heard goes something like “damn what the users want, charge towards your dream.” All of these statements are, of course, saying the same thing. When there are too many cooks in… Read More

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