• More Product Housekeeping At Digg: Kalmikoff And Howard Out The Door

    A month ago Digg cofounder Kevin Rose took back control of his company. 13 or so employees were let go, and Rose promised some “crazy shit” product-wise to be announced sometime soon. More heads are rolling at Digg as the company struggles to reinvent itself. Well known designer Jeffrey Kalmikoff was let go, we confirmed, just months after he moved cross-country to work at Digg. … Read More

  • Digg Cuts 10% Of Staff

    Digg has cut around twelve people from its staff, we’re hearing. The company’s about page lists 72 employees, but it’s possible that they have more than that overall. When contacted about the news Digg told us they’d be publishing a blog post shortly — we’ll update with more information once that is up. Update: The post, which contains an Email that was sent… Read More

  • Kevin Rose Says Digg Is Going To Launch Some "Crazy Sh*t." We're Not So Sure

    Kevin Rose Says Digg Is Going To Launch Some "Crazy Sh*t." We're Not So Sure

    So far Digg founder Kevin Rose has been pretty quiet about his new role as CEO of Digg. But he and cohost Alex Albrecht opened up a little on the most recent Diggnation podcast. iPads in hand, Kevin and Alex thanked outgoing CEO Jay Adelson for all his hard work, and then Rose said he’s “excited to make sure Digg will kick some ass” going forward. “There’s going to… Read More

  • Digg's Kevin Rose: DiggBar Is Bad For The Internet, So We're Killing It

    On his first day since officially taking over the role of acting CEO from Jay Adelson, Digg founder Kevin Rose is making some significant changes. In a new blog post, Rose writes that DiggBar (seen above) is being killed off. And instead of giving the usual “it hasn’t lived up to our expectations” cop-out we often see from the PR machine, he’s being quite candid about… Read More

  • Digg's Kevin Rose: "One Of Us Has To Leave"

    Last summer we’d heard that the Digg board of directors was considering terminating Digg cofounder and CEO Jay Adelson. But everything was fine, said senior Digg employees, and the fact that the company moved Adelson out to California from New York at about that time was shown as evidence that the rumors were false. But one ominous conversation I had with Kevin Rose a couple of months… Read More

  • Digg Launches Native Android App

    Digg has just launched its own native application on Android Market. The app supports Digg’s core functionality, including the ability to Digg and bury stories and user comments. The new application comes only a week after Digg launched its highly success native application for iPhone. Unfortunately we can’t link to the app since Google doesn’t offer an easy way to do that… Read More

  • AOL Snags Digg Exec Mike Maser

    Digg’s Chief Strategy Officer Mike Maser is joining AOL as Head of Marketing for Consumer Applications. This is the group led by former Yahoo exec Brad Garlinghouse, who sent out an email to his team about the hire. That email was forwarded to us: Read More

  • Google Buzz Boosts Sharing On Google Reader By 35 Percent

    Social sharing is becoming a big contributor to traffic for many sites. While Facebook and Twitter drive more sharing than any other services, Google is trying to compete with Buzz, which is now part of Gmail but shares links to article and blog posts through Google Reader. Over the past month, according to AddThis, sharing through Google Reader is up 35 percent, with a big jump on February… Read More

  • Win A Mentoring Session With Founders Of Digg, Flickr, Mint, Ning, Slide Or Zynga

    Are you a budding Web entrepreneur who would like some pointers or advice from seasoned company founders? MayField Fund and First Round Capital are sponsoring a raffle to give away mentoring sessions with the founders of Digg (Jay Adelson), Flickr (Caterina Fake), Mint (Aaron Patzer), Ning (Gina Bianchini), Slide (Max Levchin), and Zynga (Mark Pincus). The raffle will take place at a… Read More

  • Digg Beyond Digg With New Chrome And Firefox Extensions

    One common complaint about Digg is that you have to visit the site to actually digg anything. Well, unless you use the Digg toolbar, which caused a bit of controversy when it launched last year. But last month, Digg announced a new API that made it so developers could finally create apps that would allow for the digging of items outside of Digg.com. And today, the service is eating its… Read More

  • Digg's New Head Of PR Comes Highly Recommended By Pandora

    It took a little while, but Digg finally has a new head of PR. The company has hired Michele Husak, who previously held the same job at Pandora, the streaming music recommendation engine. According to her LinkedIn profile, she started the job last month, but they’re just announcing it now. Husak takes the official title of Director of PR, which is the same position vacated in November… Read More

  • Digg Takes a Dip In Traffic, Half The Size Of Twitter

    For most of this year, Digg was on a roll, racking up more users, adding Facebook Connect, speeding up its site, launching new features like Digg Trends, and hiring key executives. But its latest growth spurt stopped in September, 2009 when it peaked at 32 million unique visitors worldwide, according to comScore. In November, its worldwide visitors were down 15 percent to 27 million, which… Read More

  • Digg's Money Guy Joins High Gear Media Board

    High Gear Media, a publishing company focused on automotive digital media, is having a great year. The Palo Alto, CA-based vertical content startup raised a second round of funding last Summer to the tune of $5.5 million and has been growing like a weed. Today, the company’s announcing that Chas Edwards is joining its board of directors. Edwards is the former Chief Revenue Officer of… Read More

  • As Digg Turns 5, SF Mayor Declares Today "Digg.com Day"

    It was exactly five years ago today that Digg went live as a simple site where you could vote on your favorite content from around the web. (Here is our initial profile from over 4 years ago.) They’ve grown a lot since then, to over 40 million monthly visitors and 80 employees, founder Kevin Rose writes today. But perhaps more impressive is that for their fifth birthday, Digg received… Read More

  • Topicfire Sets Hot Coffee News Ablaze In Realtime (And Other Topics Too)

    If you’re interested in finding hot news on the web it’s not too hard — provided the topic is technology. Twitter, Tweetmeme, Techmeme, Digg, and the like all offer up a mixture of what’s hot in technology with varying degrees of success. But for other topics, it’s not so easy. That’s why Topicfire was built. Topicfire is what co-founder Ryan Sit calls a… Read More

  • Exclusive: Digg Steals A Google Exec As New VP Product

    Digg has poached Keval Desai away from Google as their new Vice President of Product, we’ve confirmed from the company. Desai’s last day at Google is today. Desai is a long time Google employee, first joining the company in 2003. He’s currently their Director of Product Management and has led development of product/businesses in Google’s advertising business… Read More

  • Digg CEO Adelson: "I Don't Think People Expect To Pay For News Any More"

    This afternoon Digg CEO Jay Adelson was interviewed on Fox Business News, where he spoke about the future of Digg and the ways it could potentially cooperate with strugging news organizations. During the interview Adelson made a few interesting comments, some of which contrast with News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch’s assertions in an interview conducted earlier today that “people… Read More

  • Reddit Opens Its Homepage To Anyone Willing To Pay (Invites)

    In a world where Facebook and Twitter dominate the headlines, it’s easy to forget that other social properties, like Reddit still send a ton of traffic to sites. But they absolutely do, and now you can buy your way into that. Starting today, Reddit is testing out a new closed beta experiment to allow anyone to purchase a sponsored link on Reddit’s homepage. Yes, that means you… Read More

  • A Little Perspective (Digg, Twitter, Facebook)

    It wasn’t all that long ago that Digg captured our collective imagination. In fact, even last year Google thought it was important enough to seriously consider buying Digg, only to back out at the last minute. Digg was the future of news. It was crowdsourced, democratic editorial. The masses decided what was news, not some 50 year old guy in a skyscraper in New York, who secretly hated… Read More

  • Kiersten Hollars Never Actually Joined Digg. She Was Just On Loan From Brad Garlinghouse

    Brad Garlinghouse, a former SVP at Yahoo, joined AOL as President of Internet and Mobile Communications two months ago. And he’s clearly doing a little housekeeping, and forming his own exec team. His first major hire? Kiersten Hollars, a Digg PR exec. Hollars is part of Garlinghouse’s old team at Yahoo, and left the company shortly after Garlinghouse did to take over PR and… Read More

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