• The Age Of Relevance

    The Age Of Relevance

    What’s the Next Big Thing after social networking? This has been a favorite topic of much speculation among tech enthusiasts for many years. I think we are already witnessing a paradigm shift – a move away from simple social sharing towards personalized, relevant content. The key element of the next big thing is the increasing significance of the Interest Graph to complement the… Read More

  • In A Step Back Towards V3, Digg Ending RSS Submissions For Publishers

    In a step back towards the old Digg, Digg Product manager Mike Cieri just sent out an email to partner publishers stating the intent to remove the RSS submitted stories feature. For those of you that remember, the RSS submission feature was how stories from the Reddit publisher account on Digg were sent to the Digg front page in an act of rebellion against the V4 redesign of the site last… Read More

  • The Myth Of Serendipity

    Editor’s note: Henry “Hank” Nothhaft, Jr. is the co-founder and CMO of Trapit, a virtual personal assistant for Web content still in private beta that was incubated out of SRI and the CALO project (as was Siri, the conversational search engine bought by Apple). One of the most interesting concepts to emerge in media and tech lately is that of… Read More

  • SimpleGeo Hires Former Digg CEO Jay Adelson

    SimpleGeo Hires Former Digg CEO Jay Adelson

    Jay Adelson, the CEO of Digg until April 2010, just landed in a new position. He’s taking over as CEO of location services startup SimpleGeo, and will join the company’s board of directors. Founding CEO Matt Galligan will become the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. SimpleGeo, which has raised nearly $10 million in venture capital, allows companies to add location features… Read More

  • Digg's 'Breaking News' Feature Is Another Win For Human Editors

    In a  pivot away from the “voice of the crowd” philosophy central to Digg’s early culture, the social news site has launched a human curated feature called “Breaking News” which spotlights top stories selected by Digg staff. As of today you can find Breaking News in red widgets labeled Breaking News to the right of the Upcoming, My News, and Top News sections on… Read More

  • Digg's Big 30 Percent Drop

    Digg's Big 30 Percent Drop

    It’s been a difficult couple of months for Digg. The crowdsourced news site pushed out a major new design at the end of August which met with a lot of criticism and broken axles. There was literally a user revolt and things deteriorated so rapidly that earlier this week the company had to let go more than a third of its employees. How bad did it get? Here’s one data point… Read More

  • Digg Says Internal Accounts Were For Testing Purposes, Not Gaming Its Own System

    Digg just can’t get a break. On the heels of news that the company had to lay off 37% of its staff and saw the departures of both its CRO and CFO, last night a report surfaced alleging that Digg was gaming its own system, ostensibly to favor certain partners. If true, this would have further undermined user trust in the site’s democratic voting system, and the evidence was… Read More

  • Tech World Welcomes Digg Refugees With Open Arms

    This morning most of us woke up to the disappointing news that social news site Digg, once a promising destination for Silicon Valley talent, was losing 37% of its staff as well experiencing key executive departures. While the usual armchair Twitter quarterbacks responded to the what the layoffs mean for the ailing site, another more positive trend was also evidenced; People making clear that… Read More

  • Another Digg Exec Is Out: Longtime CFO John Moffett Leaves

    More bad news for Digg. Earlier today we broke the news that Digg was having a large wave of layoffs that cut 37% its staff, which came alongside the exit of Chief Revenue Officer Chas Edwards. We’ve just confirmed that Digg has also seen another departure from its executive team: Chief Financial Officer John Moffett recently left the company. Moffett wasn’t a recently… Read More

  • Digg Founder Jay Adelson Is Okay With Not Selling Early, Even In Light Of Layoffs

    On stage at FailCon today, Jay Adelson went over his storied career from Equinix to Digg. Adelson kept emphasizing the fact that he had no regrets despite Digg having failed to pin down acquisition offers from both Current and Google, while the news broke during the panel that Digg had just laid off 37% of its staff. I asked Adelson while he was onstage whether he wanted to revaluate his… Read More

  • Digg Brings Back Digg v3 Features, Including "Bury" Button

    After incredible user backlash a recent poll on whether Digg should bring back the controversial “Bury” button, DIgg CEO Matthew Williams today confirmed that the social news aggregator would be bringing back many of the beloved Digg Version 3 features. “Recently, we’ve been reinstating a number of the features that many of you loved about Digg. In the past two… Read More

  • Digg Tries To Bring Back Inactive Users From The Dead

    It looks like Digg is trying to resurrect inactive users, according to an email sent to us by a reader. Apparently Digg sent out the email to users in hopes of trying to get those who are inactive back to the site. As the email states, “Come Alive On Digg. A Lot Has Changed Since You Were Last On Digg. Resurrect Yourself.” It could be a joke alluding to Halloween, which is just… Read More

  • Poll: 68% Of Users Want The Digg "Bury" Feature Brought Back

    Digg founder Kevin Rose just tweeted out a poll regarding the controversial Digg “Bury” feature, which was taken off the site in the latest Version 4 redesign reportedly due to issues with “Bury Brigades” or people organizing in order to game the site and force certain stories off the homepage. So far about 1000 people have taken the poll via Twitter (we’re… Read More

  • If Web 1.0’s Kryptonite Was the Bust, Web 2.0 Kryptonite Was the Grind

    There were two surreal moments for me at Disrupt last week. The first was during the SV Angels Party when Hammer was dancing. It wasn’t just because MC-Freaking-Hammer was doing the Hammer dance in a tux and nerd glasses in front of me. It was because the CEO and founder of the media company I work for were on stage looking awkward and white, but dancing none the less. It was… Read More

  • As an ex-Yahoo and a New-AOL'er, My Thoughts on One Portal to Rule Them All

    This is going to come as a shock to you: But suddenly and for the first time in years, I really care about the future of AOL. And, because I used to host a show on Yahoo Finance, the story floating around about whether or not these two has-beens of the Internet (sorry, new overlords) would be better together has special resonance with me. I don’t totally agree with Henry Blodget when he… Read More

  • Kevin Rose on Introducing Digg 4

    Kevin Rose Speaks Frankly About The New Digg Rollout (TCTV)

    We sat down with Digg co-founder Kevin Rose after TechCrunch Disrupt yesterday to talk about the recent Digg Version 4 launch and the user revolt and media circus that ensued. Rose addressed the lessons he had learned during the tumultuous redesign, including what he would have done differently if given another opportunity. Rose, who was recently replaced as CEO by Matt Williams, also went in… Read More

  • Exclusive: Digg's Lunch Menu And A Terrible Hot Dog Scaling Solution

    Apparently some of Digg’s employees aren’t super happy that their main source of news about Digg is TechCrunch – probably referring to the news that VP of Engineering John Quinn is out. Digg Designer Danny Trinh Twitters “I love finding out about @digg company news via @techcrunch. Wonder if they’ll post our lunch menu too..” Yes, we will. Read More

  • As Digg Struggles, VP Of Engineering Is Shown The Door

    Ever since Digg launched its new site design, it’s been plagued with all kinds of trouble, not least of which is that it keeps going down. The problems with the new architecture are so bad that VP of Engineering John Quinn is now gone, we’ve confirmed with sources close to Digg. In a Diggnation video today, CEO Kevin Rose explained some of the technical issues the site is dealing… Read More

  • Kevin Rose Responds To Digg Criticism On Diggnation, Mostly Tells Users To Chill

    Kevin Rose Responds To Digg Criticism On Diggnation, Mostly Tells Users To Chill

    Digg founder Kevin Rose cheerfully responds to the mountains of criticism around the newly launched Digg 4. His overall theme is that users need to deal with it. Rose says that he’s “gotta take risk” with the service in his quest to push it beyond the 30 million or so monthly visitors to the masses. He wants 20,000 – 30,000 diggs on the top stories v. the few hundred… Read More

  • Reddit Diggs Traffic Surge, Prepares For Expansion

    It’s all hands on deck at Reddit this week. In the wake of Digg’s bungled redesign, its rival is enjoying a surge in traffic and a jump in ad and subscription sales. Since Monday, the site has been averaging 900,000 uniques per day— a 50% increase from Reddit’s pre-“Digg 4” average, according to senior programmer, Chris Slowe. The six-member team does not… Read More

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