Digg Is On A Roll

Digg’s been busy lately adding new features—some loved, some not—but they seem to be having a positive effect on overall. In June, comScore estimates the site brought in 8.8 million unique visitors in the U.S alone, up 31 percent over the preceding three months.  Update: The July numbers just came out, and Digg’s unique U.S. visitors went up to 9.5 million.

What accounts for the change all of a sudden? Well, by Digg’s own admission, once it introduced the Diggbar it saw an initial lift in visitors just as a result of people passing around short links. And it’s been getting even more aggressive on that front lately, having to reverse itself at times.

But it’s not just the Diggbar. The site launched a decent search feature in April (which always helps generate more traffic) and Facebook Connect in May.

Its recently-introduced Digg Dialoggs with people like Al Gore, Trent Reznor, and Marissa Mayer have also been popular. Users can suggest and vote on questions of be asked during a video interview conducted by Digg founder Kevin Rose.

What do you think is the biggest source of new visitors to Digg?