Tiny Speck Gets Digg's Designer. Digg Gets The Guy Who Designed Threadless

42336v1-max-250x250For the past four and a half years, anyone who has visited Digg has seen the work of Daniel Burka. But starting at the end of this month, Burka is moving on to a new project, he writes on the company’s blog today. Meanwhile, Digg is bringing in another high profile web designer to be its new Director of Design and User Experience, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, best known for his work on Threadless.

Next month, Burka (pictured) will begin work at Tiny Speck, the new project started by a group of former high level Flickr employees, including Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield and former Flickr head of engineering, Cal Henderson. Still not much is known about Tiny Speck, but it’s expected to be some sort of social gaming project.

And Burka’s hiring makes sense; as we reported in July, the company was looking to hire creative and design talent, which clearly Burka is. While the project is based in Vancouver (also where Flickr was started), Burka will be staying in San Francisco, along with several other Tiny Speck team members, including Henderson, Burka notes in a tweet.

Meanwhile, Digg should be in good hands with Kalmikoff. One month ago, he resigned as the Chief Creative Officer of skinnyCorp/Threadless where he had worked for 7 years. He had been planning on taking an extended period of time off, but felt he couldn’t pass up the Digg opportunity, he writes today on his blog.

Kalmikoff didn’t disclose any plans for Digg yet, but it will be interesting to see if the site undergoes a substantial redesign under him. While Digg has undergone several facelifts throughtout the years, the overall design of the Digg button followed by the story headline has remained in tact. Burka is the one who designed the Digg button you now see everywhere on the web.

Threadless has a great design too, but it’s definitely different from Digg.

Burka was a recipient of a 2009 TechFellow Award for Product Design and Marketing.

[photo: flickr/laughing squid]