Exclusive: New Digg Voting Feature To Launch (Screenshot)

The somewhat blurry image above is, we believe, a new Digg homepage voting feature that will launch in the near future.

So what is it? It’s not the “Real Time Digg” relaunch that will integrate data from Twitter and other sources. Instead, we believe it is an experimental feature Digg will try out that encourages users to vote on whether a particular upcoming story should make it to the homepage or not.

Digg isn’t talking, so we don’t know much else. The 3/25 numbers on the left are a counter to show how much longer the story will remain on the home page (3 minutes, 25 seconds, based on us squinting at a blow up). It’s notable that users are asked to vote a story up or down without seeing comments or how others have voted.

The identity of the hand is also a mystery. More on this when it launches.