Digg Launches Native Android App

Digg has just launched its own native application on Android Market. The app supports Digg’s core functionality, including the ability to Digg and bury stories and user comments. The new application comes only a week after Digg launched its highly success native application for iPhone. Unfortunately we can’t link to the app since Google doesn’t offer an easy way to do that, but you can easily find it by opening Android Market on your device and running a search for “Digg”. Or use the QR code at the bottom of this post.

Using the app is pretty straightforward: tapping on a story opens it in the Android’s native web browser, with the handy additions of a Digg toolbar at the top and thumbs up/down buttons at the bottom. To the right of each story is an arrow that lets you view comments left by other Digg users. Unfortunately, you can’t yet leave comments from the Android app (nor can you from the iPhone app), but Digg expects this to change with the next release of its API.