Gmail for iOS gets Google Pay and snooze features

Happy I/O day! The big show hasn’t actually kicked off, but the Google news continues to trickle in. If you’re among those using Gmail on iOS, check the App Store right now for an update that brings a couple of key new features to the app.

The more interesting of the two is the addition of Google Pay, which makes it possible to “pay anyone with an email address,” according to the developer notes. You can access that by ticking the attachment button and scrolling all the way down.

From there, you’ll find options to send or request money via Pay. Of course, this all gives Google a nice little leg up on Apple’s own Pay app, which isn’t baked into Gmail.

The other big update here is Snooze. Once inside an email, click the top bar to find the option in a list of functions. From there, you can choose from a number of presets, including “Later Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Later This Week,” “This Weekend” and “Next Week.”

You can also choose a custom date and time or the far more romantic “Someday,” as you float down the river on your homemade raft, wondering where it all went so terrible wrong.