Goodbye Withings, hello Nokia

Say goodbye to Withings. It’s been less than a year since Nokia completed its acquisition of the French smart devices maker and now it the Withings brand is about to be sunset. Withings’ devices and software will be rebranded under the Nokia banner later this summer.

Withings’ existing line of smart watches, blood pressure monitors, thermometers and cameras will all come under the Nokia brand. Nokia also plans to launch a redesigned version of the Withings Health Mate app that is meant to tie all of the devices together and provide users with a “360-degree view of health.” The 360-degree view will also come in the form of a new HIPAA-compliant Patient Care Platform.

“Nokia is a powerful global brand that is synonymous with innovation, connectivity and great design,” said Cedric Hutchings, Nokia’s VP of Digital Health, Nokia in today’s press release. “Withings joined Nokia because we share a vision to inspire individuals to take control of their own health. With the full power of a brand recognized for trust, reliability and quality, we will reach more people and impact more lives to help the human family be healthier together.”

For most consumers, the Nokia brand is probably more recognizable than “Withings,” which had its fair number of fans but was always somewhat of a niche product. In this context, it makes sense for the company to sunset the old branding.

HMD — the smartphone licensee of Nokia’s brand — also made a few other announcements at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. Most importantly, the company used the event to launch its new retro phone, the 3310, which will also allow you to play Snake. That can’t be said about any of Withhings’ devices.