Withings Body Scan review: A smart scale that tracks cardio health, body comp and more

French health tech brand Withings has been around the block and some. These days it offers a range of fitness wearables and monitors. It was also an early mover in smart scales and is continuing to pu

Withings’ ScanWatch 2 arrives with temperature sensing

Withings introduced the original ScanWatch in Europe back in 2020, before bringing it to the U.S. the following year, with FDA-cleared features like atrial fibrillation (afib) detection. Announced tod

New Withings scale hides the heavy burden of knowing your own weight

Today, 14 years after the company introduced its first smart scale, health gadget startup Withings is introducing the Body Smart scale. The $100 scale is the baby brother in the company’s smart

Pee is the magic number, as Withings puts a urine analysis lab in your toilet

Withings, best known for its smart scales, watches and other health-focused consumer tech, released a new gadget at CES in Las Vegas today. Making a splash in an underserved market, U-Scan aims to hel

Withing’s new scale takes body-composition measuring to a new level

Following hot on the heels of the Withings Body Scan, the company today announced a new smart scale. Body Comp is a “complete body assessment scale” that makes biomarkers that are usually

Withings doubles down on the classy with ScanWatch Horizon

I tried out the brand new Withings ScanWatch about six months ago, and concluded that it was a great smartwatch for people who prioritize their health over wearing a tiny iPhone-like device on their w

Withings buys workout app, 8fit

French health wearables firm Withings today announced that it has acquired 8fit, makers of the workout/meal planning app of the same name. The news comes as hardware makers ranging from Apple and Sams

Withings launches an even smarter scale to measure you from top to toe

Your bathroom scales have been capable of telling you more than your weight for a while, and Withings is one of the companies leading the charge on that front (since 2009). Today, the company announce

Withings ScanWatch is a great alternative to other smartwatches

When Apple launched the Apple Watch, they made a big hoopla out of teaching its consumers how excited it was about having a “digital crown” and “complications”. To the watch lo

Withings puts its heart-monitoring ScanWatch in the body of a diver’s watch

Withings is launching the ScanWatch Horizon, a dolled-up version of its ScanWatch inside the body of a diving watch. Horizon comes in a bigger, 43mm case size, but matches the ScanWatch for features.

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Even in a normal year, the holidays can be an anxiety-inducing hellscape. In 2020, though — honestly, it’s hard to say what manner of climactic finale this historically rough year might have on ta

Gift Guide: Smart exercise gear to hunker down and get fit with

Home exercise gear is always a nice holiday gift choice for anyone who has expressed interest in staying healthy and getting more fit, but during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic it’s more relevant tha

Withings raises $60 million to bridge the gap between consumer tech and healthcare providers

Since being re-acquired from Nokia in 2018 by a group including its original founders and some of its original investors, health tech company Withings has been focused on evolving their offering of co

Withings says its latest watch can detect sleep apnea

Sure to be the next big battlefield for wrist-worn wearables, Withings today announced sleep apnea detection for its latest smartwatch. The company notes in press materials for the newly announced Sca

How healthtech startups can achieve true value

Healthtech is apparently in a golden age. Just a few weeks ago, Livongo and Health Catalyst raised a combined $500 million through IPOs with a joint valuation reaching $3.5 billion...

Withings promises an extensive at-home health solution for $250

Withings had a weird couple of years. The company was acquired by Nokia, only to be abandoned and launch again as its own brand late last year. It was a welcome return for a solid  brand in the healt

Withings brings EKG readings to its hybrid smartwatch

When Apple added EKG to the Apple Watch for the Series 4, you knew it was only a matter of time before the rest of the industry followed suit. This, however, is a bit of a surprise. The recently resur

Withings launches a fitness tracker for some reason

Withings is back with, of all things, a fitness tracker. It’s a bit of an odd addition, two months after the company re-launched, post-Nokia. The company’s first product, the Steel HR Sport, picke

Withings returns from the dead with Steel HR Sport watch

Any time a smaller company is gobbled up by a larger one, you assume the worst. In the case of Nokia buying Withings, that’s more or less what happened. First Nokia launched a handful of products un

Nokia closes digital health sale to Withings founder Eric Carreel, who plans relaunch by EOY

Nokia has closed the books on its unlucky foray into digital health devices and services, and with it, a business is marking its return to the world of startups. Today, the Finnish telecoms giant anno
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