Smartphone makers searched for a way forward at MWC 2023

The slowdown was inevitable, of course. Nothing stays hot forever — especially in this industry. By tech standards, smartphones have had a good run, but the last few years have seen device maker

Inside the metaverse hype train at MWC 2023

Metaverse hype was hanging like a multicolored fog over the Mobile World Congress (MWC) connectivity trade show in Barcelona this week. Conference organizer, the GSMA’s, program pitched attendee

An ode to big tech cos putting earbuds in smartwatches and other weird crap

I want to talk about weird tech for a minute. A lot of strange and wonderful pieces of technology have come across our desks over the years. More often that not, they’re the purview of the startup.

Barcelona nights

I’ve yet to walk the entire floor at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year (that’s the goal for this afternoon), but my sense is the majority of the robots present fit into one of two categ

Google’s Sameer Samat on ecosystems, regulation and competition

Android was, predictably, everywhere at Mobile World Congress. At a show where Apple has no public-facing presence, Google’s mobile operating system is almost entirely ubiquitous. As in past years,

D-ID unveils new chat API to enable face-to-face conversations with an AI digital human

D-ID, the Israeli company leveraging artificial intelligence to create unique experiences like Deep Nostalgia, announced today that it’s launching a new chat API to enable face-to-face conversat

The brave new terabyte broadband world of 6G is coming, but not just yet

At a session on the future of 6G during Mobile World Congress, expert speakers from companies such as Samsung, the European Space Agency and Telefonica came together to give their views about how 6G w

Nothing’s Phone (2) will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 series

Nothing’s presence stood in stark contrast to OnePlus at this year’s MWC. Whereas Carl Pei’s old company, OnePlus, put on a flashy launch event for a concept device yesterday, Nothing has largel

Google is rolling out fall detection to all Pixel Watch users

Google has announced that its highly anticipated fall detection feature is rolling out to all Pixel Watch users today. Fall detection uses motion sensors and on-device machine learning to identify if

OnePlus’ first foldable will arrive in the second half of the year

The OnePlus that was founded in 2013 was a cautious company, deliberate in its release schedule. The Shenzhen-based firm would announce one to two phones a year, not hung up on being the first to mark

Motorola’s Rizr is back as a concept phone with a rollable screen

Three years after the debut of its wildly popular Razr phone, Motorola gave the world the Rizr. While beloved by many, the product never managed to capture the same level of cultural cache as its pred

EU uses key telco stage to press the case for rethinking network funding

The European Commission has given its clearest signal yet that it intends to make a significant intervention in how Internet connectivity is funded in the bloc in the coming years. In a keynote speech

Planet Computers hits the desktop with a line of touchscreen Linux computers

Planet Computers turned heads when it arrived on the scene almost exactly five years ago. The London-based hardware startup was banking on a bit of nostalgia for the days of tactile mobile keyboards,

OnePlus’ gaming concept phone has glowing liquid cooling

The days of a cautious OnePlus release cycle appear to be behind us. In January, the Oppo-owned mobile brand unveiled its new flagship, the OnePlus 11. Earlier this month, the 11R arrived, focused on

Xiaomi unveils lightweight AR glasses with ‘retina-level’ display

While the chatter around the metaverse has slowed down, both social media companies and phone manufacturers have been experimenting with tech that could lead to commercial AR glasses. At the Mobile Wo

Mobile carriers team up with AWS, Microsoft to launch Open Gateway, a set of Twilio-like APIs to tap network services

APIs are the building blocks of how the world of technology works: Used to integrate applications with each other, API calls make up the majority of global internet traffic these days. Now, telecoms c

Microsoft Azure expands its telco solutions

New smartphones may get most of the headlines at MWC, but at its core, the annual trade show is still a telco event. It’s maybe no surprise then that the large cloud providers, which are all vyi

Xiaomi’s 13 Pro flagship has a 1-inch sensor

The Xiaomi 13 Pro flagship made a global debut today at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. With this device — which was launched in China in December — the company is banking on a one-inch

Nokia phone maker HMD Global to move some manufacturing to Europe

HMD Global, the Finnish phone maker and inheritor of the Nokia mobile phone brand, has revealed plans to transition some of its manufacturing to Europe. The company said the move is designed to meet a

What we expect from MWC 2023

In a word: “telecom.” Network and enterprise have long played a key part in Barcelona’s big mobile show, but more than ever, such topics are going to have an outsized role at the event. The cons
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