Samsung’s Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge Is Coming – Will Robert Downey Jr. Be Inside?

Samsung is indeed making a special Iron Man-themed edition of its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, as The Korea Times reported in April. The mobile maker posted a teaser image to its official Twitter account today, depicting what looks like a special edition box wherein the phone is likely to be housed.

What will said phone look like? If I have to guess, I’m thinking it’ll sport red and gold finishes. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge industrial design actually lends itself perfectly to this kind of treatment – Samsung is using a new metallic undercoating for the colored front and back portions of its device, which lend it a unique metal sheen. Iron Man red would indeed look quite fetching given that treatment, while the metal edges in gold would be equally eye-pleasing.

Avengers-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge devices already got the render treatment a couple of months ago, so you can take a look below to see what the final product might look like. There’s even a picture of what an Avengers-style Clear View case might also look like with Iron Man styling.

[gallery ids="1158385,1158384"]

Samsung’s Twitter account posted today’s teaser with a disclaimer, saying availability for this limited edition phone would “differ by region.” There’s no guarantee it’s coming to all markets, then, but chances are big ones like the U.S. will get a chance to pick one up.

In retrospect, I almost get the sense that the Galaxy S6’s design was tailor-made for these kinds of limited editions and customizations, giving Samsung the opportunity to do with its smartphones what Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft do with their consoles (collectible paint job after collectible paint job).

The phone is probably going to be pretty, at any rate, and if an Iron Man version does well, others could follow.