Foodmento Is The Foursquare Of Specific Dishes, Not Restaurants

Food has invaded Instagram in such an overwhelming way that studies actually show that people get physically full or tire of certain foods just from looking at the pictures. But there’s really no effective way to direct your followers to the specific dish you’ve endorsed.

That’s where Foodmento comes in.

The app allows you to save and rank your favorite dishes, sharing that information with your friends. The app has a follow-based structure, letting you make connections with friends or other, more public users, such as NYMag or TimeOut, theoretically.

But it’s not just about the feed — Foodmento lets you search for a delicious meal through a number of filters, including location, price, cuisine, etc. From there, you can get Google Maps directions, put in a reservation on OpenTable, or place an order on Seamless.

At its basest level, it’s a hybrid between the new Foursquare/Yelp and the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram.

From Foodmento, users can automatically publish their recorded favorite meals to Instagram, with the caption pre-populated.

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When friends visit a place you’ve been, you are instantly notified to start up a conversation and perhaps recommend a dish. Users also receive notifications when a friend recommends a dish specifically to them, and when someone new follows them.

Foodmento launches out of beta today, and has grown to have over 15,000 dishes from 3,500 eateries in over 40 cities internationally on the platform.

To learn more about Foodmento or get started on the app, head over to the website.