CoolaData Takes Its Behavior-Focused Analytics Platform Out Of Beta

Israeli startup CoolaData is taking its mobile and web analytics platform out of beta testing today and launching it in general availability.

CEO Tomer Ben Moshe pitched the service as a way “to answer complex business questions with the language that analysts can relate to” — in particular, to make it easy for e-commerce and gaming companies to get the very specific data that they might need.

“We believe that online businesses should change the way they analyze data,” Ben Moshe said, “They need to move to a behavioral-based model … They will need both real-time and predictive capabilities, and not based on the regular [questions of] ‘What is your age? How much you spend?’ and so on.”

There are other analytics tools offering behavioral data, of course, but Ben Moshe emphasized that behavior is really at the center of how CoolaData organizes its data, and that it allows customers to examine data in very granular ways. For example, he said the platform allows customers to find “the most popular session of a song streamed twice, leading to a purchase of more than $5,” or to “target users by city who purchased, then had another session but didn’t purchase again over time.”

CoolaData says it can bring together a customer’s data as well as external data sources. That data can then be queried using the CoolaSQL, the company’s extension of the SQL programming language — but you don’t actually need to know SQL to use the product. The company has built widgets on top of CoolaSQL for asking questions in regular English (you can see some sample widgets below), and it’s hoping other developers will build widgets too.

cooladata query

The final result of those queries is an analytical document, which can be stored, accessed, and embedded via Google Drive.

“CoolaData’s service helps us find answers to deep business questions, even questions which are clearly specific to our specialized service,” said mySupermarket CEO Allon Bloch in the launch release.

CoolaData raised a $7.4 million Series A last year.