Twitter Updates Its Windows Phone App With In-Stream Translation To 54 Languages

Twitter updated its Windows Phone application today to include in-stream tweet translation to 54 languages, which is powered by Bing. Tweets can now be displayed on the lock screen of Windows Phone devices. This will come in handy when Nokia’s ‘Glance’ feature is released for the platform, which allows information to be displayed even when a phone is locked. Twitter updates will presumably be viewable with that feature when it reaches general availability.

The Twitter application update includes improved search functionality, and so-called discovery features that mesh with Twitter’s current efforts to mitigate its challenges of user retention.

Visually, a new dark theme has been introduced, something that is fitting on Windows Phone, which allows users to set their backgrounds to light or more obscura tones. All told the update is worthy and welcome, as it demonstrates that Twitter remains – at least for now – committed to Microsoft’s mobile platform.

You can snag the updated application here, if you are so inclined.

Why would Twitter support Windows Phone? The platform has managed to claw its way to the third spot in mobile. Billions of dollars, and several years in, Microsoft has managed to earn a seat at the smartphone table. And Twitter, which is hungry for user growth and mobile ad dollars, can’t afford to ignore any player in mobile. So, an update to the Twitter application for Windows Phone. Expect continued support.

Top Image Credit: Vernon Chan