Help Crowdfund This All-Seeing Doorbell To Become The Sauron Of Your House

The all-seeing iDoorCam is a pretty ingenious little gadget. Designed to work with your current doorbell setup — it connects to the transformer that powers most in-home doorbells — this simple button replaces your current doorbell and allows you to see who is at the door and even turn off your doorbell when the baby is asleep or you just need a little peace and quiet. It even transmits video and audio to your cellphone so you can deal with visitors while away from home.

The project comes to us from the team of Andrew Thomas and Desiree Mejia, two product designers from California. They have built hardware for Apple and they’ve taken their skills and expertise to corner the doorbell market. They are looking to ship in October.

The doorbell costs $127 for early adopters, and they’re looking for a pledge of $100,000 to complete the first batch. It will cost $150 retail when it officially launches.

Sadly, unlike the Lidless Eye of Sauron, lieutenant to the Dark Lord, Morgoth, the iDoorBell will not allow you to take over the minds of weak-willed hobbits who may come by your hole for elevenses. However, you can carefully explain to the UPS guy that leaving a huge package under your doormat is not actually “hiding it.”