Apple’s North American Mobile Web Traffic Surges Following iPhone 5 Launch

Apple’s share of mobile web traffic rose 5.96 percent between September and October, thanks no doubt to the introduction of the iPhone 5, and likely also helped by the shipping of the 4th generation iPod touch. Apple controlled 65.38 percent of the traffic advertising network and research firm Chitika saw across the millions of devices it monitors on any given day, and share dropped pretty evenly among other manufacturers, though Samsung gave up the most ground.

Apple had previously lost share in September, going from 65.03 percent to 59.42 percent of all traffic measured. Samsung enjoyed the largest growth of any individual manufacturer during that same period. RIM got a surprise bump this time around, with the highest growth besides Apple between September and October, rising 1.29 percent on the back of increased PlayBook browsing.

Chitika predicts that Google will come on strong with additional gains now that the Nexus 7 updated devices and Nexus 10 are going out into the wild. The iPad mini and iPad 4th generation could also make a significant impact, since they ship to customers and wind up in stores beginning this Friday, November 2. Apple has been staying relatively stable in terms of share over the past year, save for the dip in September and sharp jump now in October, but an entirely new iOS-powered device entering the lineup could shake things up considerably.