• Google Maps Now Features Real-Time Traffic Info For 130 Additional U.S. Cities

    Google Maps Now Features Real-Time Traffic Info For 130 Additional U.S. Cities

    Google just launched live traffic info for Bogota (Colombia), San Jose (Costa Rica) and Panama City (Panama). In addition, Google is also bringing its real-time traffic data to 130 smaller cities in the U.S., including Kalamazoo (Michigan), Portland (Maine) and Tuscaloosa (Alabama). For the most part, this feature relies on data Google gets from Google Maps and Google Navigation users who… Read More

  • iPad Sees Small Drop, Nook Tops Kindle Fire In New Tablet Traffic Rankings

    iPad Sees Small Drop, Nook Tops Kindle Fire In New Tablet Traffic Rankings

    Web traffic from the Apple iPad saw a slight drop in early June, according to new data from the Chitika Ad network, which analyzed a sample containing hundreds of millions of impressions to arrive at its conclusions. In May, the iPad had accounted for 94.64% of all tablet web traffic, the company previously reported. Today, the company says the iPad has dropped to a 91.07% share. However… Read More

  • Waze Lets You Report Traffic With A Wave Of Your Hand

    Waze Lets You Report Traffic With A Wave Of Your Hand

    If you’re one of the 12 million drivers who use real-time traffic data from Waze, there’s a drawback — the smartphone app depends on users to collect traffic data, but if a driver is stuck in traffic or spots an accident, that’s exactly when they shouldn’t be fiddling with their phone. That’s why the Kleiner Perkins-backed startup developed a new voice… Read More

  • Kiss Me On The Bus: This App Crowdsources Bus Locations

    Kiss Me On The Bus: This App Crowdsources Bus Locations

    A new app by Carnegie Mellon researchers Anthony Tomasic and John Zimmerman in conjunction with the University of Buffalo, allows bus riders to track their current location while riding the bus and, in turn, share this information with people who are still waiting, thereby creating a more complete map and schedule of bus routes and times. The app, Tiramisu, is free but, sadly, it only works… Read More

  • Solo Drivers In Los Angeles Will Soon Be Allowed To Drive In Carpool Lanes For A Fee

    This week, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS) — which was acquired by Xerox (NYSE: XRX) in February 2010 — announced that it’s building a new, electronic toll system on the two busiest highways in Los Angeles, to allow all single car drivers, even those in a diesel guzzling Hummer, to shift into carpool lanes for a fee. When average traffic levels in a carpool lane… Read More

  • Avego Debuts go520 Mobile App In Seattle To Encourage Carpooling, Ease Traffic

    A company that provides software and services to the transportation industry, Avego, introduced a pilot program called go520 in Seattle today, to match drivers who have empty seats in their vehicles to carpoolers on their route, using an app for iPhone and other GPS-enabled smartphones. The project could do for commuters what Cabulous and Uber have begun to do for taxi drivers and their… Read More

  • TomTom Traffic Stats: Know Your Traffic Patterns (If You're In Government)

    Some infrastructure news for your Monday afternoon. Pretend this is Civlization V. TomTom has a new traffic database called TomTom Traffic Stats that makes it easier for BIG GOVERNMENT for study traffic patterns and the like. A sort of, “Hmm, maybe we should add a traffic light there, there seems to be a lot of slowing down and confusion as people approach the intersection.” Read More

  • New Streetline App Gives L.A. Drivers Real Time Data On Available Parking

    Parker for iPhone, a new app by Streeline Inc. developed in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) and Alan Cooper Design, gives drivers real time data about available parking spaces in L.A. Streetline’s goal is to help communities cut traffic congestion, wasted energy, drive time, and noise and air pollution from cars… Read More

  • 27 Billion Queries Served: OpenDNS Sees Record Traffic

    I personally love OpenDNS, at least as much as you can love a DNS service. It offers a number of admin features that are usually reserved for bigger and badder ISPs and the service is free, fast, and fun (not really, but I liked the alliteration). If you’ve never used it, it essentially replaces your current ISPs Domain Name Server which is like the Internet’s phone book. To use… Read More

  • Man's arrest for Barrel Monster stunt exposes ridiculously high barrel pricing

    Have you ever driven down the highway when there’s construction work going on and wondered who makes all the money from selling the orange barrels used to block off lanes? That’s a lot of barrels. So many barrels, in fact, that a student at NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina helped himself to three of them and constructed this most-excellent Barrel Monster. Read More

  • Control traffic signals by being a good boy/girl

    Audi is working on a system that uses Wi-Fi to communicate with traffic signals to ensure that you always hit green while going down a straightaway. The system tells drivers how fast to drive in order to make each traffic signal on the green. It will reduce idling at stoplights and make people quite happy as they tool, unperturbed, down the streets of major European capitals. Read More