The One In Which I Talk Even More About TechCrunch

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Everyone who knows me knows that I’m pretty obsessed with this website and the unique set of circumstances that brought it to where it is today, because I talk about it constantly.

In fact, if I ever write a book it will most likely be about TechCrunch, and the jumble of psychologies that went into its founding, rise to power, acquisition as well as its prevailing renaissance that I am very fortunate to be a part of — A renaissance that owes so much to the perseverance of my co-editor Eric Eldon and our young, badass team.

So when my neighbor and Revision3 co-founder David Prager, who just survived a pretty famous acquisition himself, asked me to come on his new show ‘Toasted Donut’ a couple of weeks ago, it was a great opportunity to talk even more about TechCrunch. So I went. And now that said interview is posted onto TechCrunch, the circle is complete.

Two corrections: Prager and I actually met in 2009 (here). TechCrunch had its last, terrible redesign in July 2011, right before Steve Jobs resigned. It’s still pretty hideous.