Uber Is Testing In San Diego, Gives A Lift To Tony Hawk

Uber, the mobile car service that’s becoming indispensable (I think I spend more money on Uber than on food), is continuing its geographic expansion by entering “super secret stealth test mode” in San Diego.

“Super secret” means something different for Uber than it does for most people — apparently it involves posting about it on the company blog and then emailing tech press for coverage, similar to its “secret” test in Philadelphia. Oh, and it’s talking about its first San Diego passenger, pro skateboarder Tony Hawk (apictured above).

What the company really means with the secret label is that it’s still figuring the market out, so “we’re going to be tweaking our pricing, fleet, and placement over the next few weeks.” That also means passenger will need to be a little more patient while the app is in test mode.

And Uber says it’s hiring staff for San Diego, specifically a general manager, an operations manager, and a community manager.