The Founders of Warby Parker Talk Wire Frames – And The Hipster Question

Earlier this week during the Crunchies we snagged the founders of Warby Parker for a backstage interview — which was fitting, as I’ve been wearing a pair of their specs myself (they seemed pleased by this).

Tune in to the video above for some details on the company’s ‘Buy A Pair, Give A Pair’ program, through which Warby Parker matches every purchase by donating a pair of glasses to people in need. And for those of you looking for an alternative to the hornrimmed classes, there’s good news: wireframe glasses are on the way (early spring can’t come soon enough).

Oh, and we also take a stab at what the founders do when people tell them they look like hipsters (given their response, you may want to hold off on doing that).

Warby Parker was nominated for the Crunchie for Best Shopping Application of 2011 — and while it ultimately was named runner-up for the award (Fab took home the coveted ape) they’re doing very well for themselves – the company recently released a ‘Year in Review’ showing huge growth throughout 2011.

For those that haven’t checked them out, Warby Parker sells stylish prescription glasses for under $100 (they often go for $200-300 or more through traditional retailers), and they’ll ship you five pairs to try on so you can shop from the comfort of your PC.