WellnessFX Grabs $4 Million From Javelin, Floodgate To Give You A Personal Health Team

Back in September, WellnessFX launched a platform that is designed to help people take charge of their health. And today, the startup is adding to its own financial health, announcing that it has raised $4 million in series B funding. The round was led by a new investor, Javelin Venture Partners, with participation from the startup’s existing investors, Floodgate and Voyager Capital.

Alex Gurevich a Principal at Javelin Venture Partners will join the startup as a board observer, while Javelin Managing Director Jed Katz will join the board directly. The investors join a board which already includes Mike Maples of Floodgate and Voyager Capital Managing Director Curtis Feeney. (4-Hour Workweek author Tim Ferriss is also a strategic advisor.)

WellnessFX joins GAIN Fitness as health-focused startups that have recently raised funding from some big name investors, showing that investor interest in robust digital healthcare solutions continues. For those unfamiliar, WellnessFX is designing a platform that offers users a preventative, diagnostic tool to manage their health, rather than a solution that only treats health problems as they arise.

Just as GAIN gives its users access to professional personal trainers, Wellness FX’s platform offers consumers access to a community of expert practitioners to help them create (and navigate) personalized care and diagnoses. Once WellnessFX has helped you bring in your health data, it allows users to share this aggregated health data with a network of expert health practitioners.

That digital experience can then be augmented by online consultations that can be set up at the convenience of users — both in the evening and on weekends — through which users will receive a set of personalized recommendations and simple, actionable insights intended to help you stay health and reach your health goals. Basically, WellnessFX is trying to give you access to your own personal health team that will help see to your longevity and avoid waiting rooms and expensive treatments.

To reach this goal, the startup wants its users to have access not only to diagnostics, but to nutritional research, genetic data, integrated therapies, as well as charts and graphs that allow them to track lab results, genetic proclivities, etc. — data that will help paint a more accurate, comprehensive picture of your current health.

Currently, the platform is only available to Californians, but with its new funding in the bank, WellnessFX will be “aggressively expanding” into a number of other states in early January, including Oregon and Washington. WellnessFX ain’t cheap, though, starting at $650 a year for one “baseline assessment” (to help set your personalized goals), which includes 50 diagnostics and one consultation. The price scales from there. Of course, WellnessFX is hoping that this is a trivial price to put on preventing those larger, more expensive health problems down the road.

For more, check out WellnessFX at home here.