Opinionaided Brings Mobile Q&A App To Android

Startup Opinionaided is bringing its mobile Q&A app to Android phones with the launch of a new native app. Opinionaided previously offered an iOS app and web platform to allow users to get advice and opinions on the fly.

Within the app, users can input a question, determine a category (i.e. relationships, politics) and submit it for other Opinionaided users to answer. You can also publish your questions to Facebook and Twitter. After a question is posted, fellow Opinionaided users can comment on the question, thumps up or thumbs down qursions, and the app will calculate the percentage of users that responded positively or negatively. From there, consumers can reply back to the comments or create a new question for peers to vote on.

The startup says there is a range of types of questions users are asking include: “Are these shoes appropriate for an interview?” “What do you think of this photo I took on vacation?” “Should I join the army?” To reward good feedback, the Opinionaided community can give gold stars to their peers, and those with a history of providing great advice become top advisors on that topic.

Feedback is broken-down by the percentage of those who responded positively or negatively, and a separate list of all user comments. While the full comments are private to the person seeking advice, everyone sees the current thumbs up and thumbs down percentages after they answer a question.

On average, responses start to arrive only six seconds after being shared and users receive between 50 and 100 responses overall. The company is finding that its user base consists of people who are augmenting their traditional social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, with its opinion-based community. And Opinionaided’s userbase spends an average of over three and a half hours using the app each month. Last weekend alone, the app generated 10 million responses to 250,000 questions.