Nokia and Monster To Team Up For New Headphones?

It wasn’t that long ago that HTC partnered up with Beats Audio to give their phones a boost in the audio department, and now it seems Nokia may be contemplating something similar. A newly leaked pair of images popped up earlier today, and they reveal what may be the first Nokia-Monster phone accessory.

Given Monster’s history, it’s really no surprise that the first product to surface would be a pair of headphones. Dubbed the Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset (try saying that three times fast), the images sent to PocketNow depict an electric blue pair of portable cans that seem to lack cables.

There’s a solid chance that if real, the Purity HDs will be run off of a Bluetooth connection, but sometimes headphone manufacturers leave unwieldy cables out of their press shots. With Nokia World just around the corner, more specifics are sure to surface before too long.

While it seems doubtful that the partnership could ever reach an HTC/Beats level of cooperation, it still seems like quite a coup for Nokia. I daresay it’s been a long time since the Finnish phone giant was considered cool, so co-branding a product with a known entity like Monster could be a step toward generating some street cred.

Then again, the idea could also backfire terribly. Monster Cable is best known to many for peddling overpriced cables, and that ultimately may not sit well with some of Nokia’s customers. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out, but here’s a quick word of advice for Nokia: it doesn’t matter how awesome your new headphones are if your new Windows Phones aren’t up to snuff. Keep those priorities straight, that’s all I’m saying.