TiVo Releases The TiVo Premiere Elite, The Premiere Of The Elite DVR

TiVo is quite proud of their DVRs – so proud, in fact, that they gave the new Tivo Premiere Elite an extra superlative, just to ensure you understand the current elite-ness of this TiVo. Other than the name, the new TiVo has Series 4 architecture (a better, faster UI) as well as space for 300 hours of programming. You can record four shows at once (if you have the right number of CableCARDs) and it supports up to 1080p recording.

At $500 for two terabytes of space it’s not too shabby but as a one-time fan of the now-diminished TiVo, I’d be loathe to recommend this over even the most annoying cable set-top box. $500 plus TiVo’s monthly fee isn’t very compelling and the box doesn’t support OTA digital, another minus. However, if you’re totally into watching four shows at once, this may be the unit for you.

TiVo Series4TM architecture
Supports digital cable, high-definition digital cable and Verizon FiOS®
THX-certified DVR, offering optimal video and audio fidelity
Outputs: HDMI, Component video, Composite video, Optical audio, Analog audio
Video output modes include: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Inputs: CableCARDTM, Cable coax, Ethernet
Additional support for USB 2.0 (2 ports), eSATA for external recording space, TiVo Wireless N or G Network Adapter
2 Terabytes of recording space for up to 300 hours of recorded programming
MSRP: $499

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