Blu Cigs Smart Pack Alerts You When Other e-Smokers Are Nearby

So it looks like people are ready to slap the word “social” onto just about anything. Case in point: Blu Cigs Smart Pack. It’s a new offering from electronic cigarette maker Blu Cigs that comes with a homing device to find nearby e-cig smokers and Blu Cigs retail locations. Despite the fact that it sounds pretty ridiculous, I find this to be a rather clever move.

Here’s why:

Smoking is a social activity by nature. Total strangers will share their lighters, their cigarettes, and their stories all over the course of a ten minute cigarette break. Even when you start to hate the actual act of smoking, it’s difficult to give up because you get extra breaks during work where you can mingle with co-workers or strangers, and inevitably make friendships. When you’re toking on an e-cig, you’re more or less not welcome.

Thus, the Blu Cigs Smart Pack. Its homing beacon will tell you when there’s another Blu Cigs smoker within a 50-ft radius, or if there’s a nearby retail location. Along with the “social integration,” Blu Cigs also added a few other fun enhancements to the product.

There are a few battery enhancements to make changing batteries easier and extend battery life, along with an “Instant Inventory” feature. This lets you predetermine settings which automatically order you new cigs when your supply is low. Blu Cigs also included the “Convenient Cartomizer,” which gives the user control over nicotine strength and flavor.

The Blu Cigs Smart Pack starter kit is available online for $79.95.