T-Mobile G-Slate Hits This Spring: 8.9", Tegra 2, 3D Support

T-Mobile and LG’s G-Slate, one of the first devices to sport Android 3.0, has just been made more official than before, with specs, release date, and even real pictures. It’s got an 8.9″ screen and an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, that should enable HD content playback.

The screen’s resolution is 1280×720, so you can watch HD stuff in its native resolution — or you can use its HDMI port and send out a full 1080p signal to your TV.

The most surprising spec? 3D support. You can take 3D pictures using the two cameras on the back, and view 3D content, though it isn’t autostereoscopic, as the rumors held. 3D is displayed in anaglyph form, and uses glasses that will be provided with the tablet. What the hell? Pretty weird. Anyway. The main rear camera is five megapixels and will take 1080p video. The resolution of the 3D video isn’t clear, but it also isn’t 1080p.

It also has 4G connectivity, or at least what T-Mobile calls 4G, AKA HSPA.

The built-in storage is 32GB, and although there’s no mention of an SD card slot, I’d be quite surprised if there isn’t one. Then you’ve got a gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, and the usual tablet fixins.

No price yet, and “Spring” isn’t really a date, but we’ll probably get the rest of the info in a few weeks. I’d guess you’ll see it for $300 subsidized with a plan, and the plans will probably be… let’s say $25/mo. Just a guess.

Update: Commenter benmarvin points out a leak I’d forgotten about. The rumored date for release is March 23rd.

Here’s the full press release:

T-Mobile and LG Mobile Phones Unveil the T-Mobile G-Slate With Google,
Delivering a Premium Mobile HD Entertainment Experience on a Tablet

The 4G Android 3.0 Tablet Enables 3D and HD Capture, Viewing and Sharing

BELLEVUE, Wash., and SAN DIEGO — Feb. 2, 2011 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. and LG Mobile
Phones today unveiled their Android™ 3.0 (Honeycomb)-powered tablet, the T-Mobile® G-Slate™
with Google™ by LG. With a brilliant, high-definition (HD) 8.9-inch, 3D-capable multi-touch display,
the T-Mobile G-Slate delivers a groundbreaking mobile entertainment experience, including the ability
to record 3D and full HD video.

Expected to be available this spring, G-Slate is built for speed on America’s Largest 4G Network™
and is the first tablet in T-Mobile’s pioneering G-series of devices, which began with the world’s first
Android-powered smartphone just over two years ago. The first 4G tablet from T-Mobile and LG, the
G-Slate is powered by Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), the latest version of Google’s Android platform,
which is optimized for tablets. In addition, the G-Slate will be among the first tablets to feature 3D
capabilities including built-in support for 3D graphics, enabling consumers to capture and share their
own 3D videos and experience 3D HD content right on the device with the aid of 3D glasses.

―The G-Slate represents the next chapter in T-Mobile’s rich history of Android innovation,‖ said Brad
Duea, senior vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA. ―Tablets enable users to take with them the
rich Web and entertainment experiences they have at home, and this will radically shift the way people
interact with and consume content while mobile. The G-Slate delivers a powerful combination of
premium mobile HD entertainment and T-Mobile’s lightning-fast 4G mobile broadband network.‖

―We are excited to introduce the T-Mobile G-Slate by LG, which offers consumers an engaging new
way to communicate, entertain and stay connected,‖ said Tim O’Brien, vice president of marketing for
LG Mobile Phones. ―Bringing consumers the latest in revolutionary HD tablet technology and an
Android platform perfectly optimized for tablet use, G-Slate provides a unique multimedia

The sleek, lightweight G-Slate can easily be held upright in one hand for reading an eBook or
magazine, watching streaming TV or browsing the Web while on the go. Featuring a rear-facing
stereoscopic video recorder with 1080p for HD video capture and a 5 megapixel camera with LED
flash, the G-Slate makes it easy to capture moments on video or with a photo. With the front-facing
camera, customers can video chat with friends and family over T-Mobile’s network or Wi-Fi with
Google Talk™. The G-Slate also supports 720p HD on-device video playback and HDMI output to
show 1080p content on 3-D and HD displays. With a NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor with dual-
core CPU and full Adobe® Flash® Player support, the G-Slate enables quick and seamless browsing
of rich Web content, multitasking and gaming. The G-Slate will also provide a superior entertainment
experience when streaming live TV or downloading music and videos with lightning-fast speed over
T-Mobile’s 4G network.
In addition, the G-Slate includes 32 GB of internal memory and features a built-in gyroscope,
accelerometer and adaptive lighting for the latest applications and the ultimate gaming experience.

T-Mobile’s 4G network, America’s largest 4G network, has expanded into more than 100 major
metropolitan areas, reaching more than 200 million people nationwide. Beginning today, T-Mobile’s
network is also delivering 4G speeds to Albany, Augusta, Columbus and Macon, Ga., and
Chattanooga, Tenn., in the South region as well as in Champaign, Ill.; Lansing, Mich.; and Rochester,
Minn., in the Midwest. In addition to the expanding its 4G footprint, T-Mobile has aggressive plans to
double the speed of its 4G network in 2011. T-Mobile expects that 140 million Americans in 25 major
metropolitan areas will have access to these increased 4G speeds by midyear.

Visit the T-Mobile G-Slate product page to register for updates.