Verizon axing low-end data plans, making $30 unlimited data plan 3G only

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With user’s appetites for data growing as smartphones become more prevalent, it kinds makes sense that 150MB plans would eventually go the way of the Broad-faced Potoroo.

The peeps over at Verizon clearly agree with me, as Engadget have landed their hands on a shot of their upcoming range of data plans, and, as you can see, it’s unlimited or nothing for all future smartphones (including this one).

But the lack of a tiny allowance isn’t the only thing of note in this crimson image. Note the wording for the unlimited plan: “Feature Phones and 3G Smartphones”. The upshot of this? All you lucky folks riding on 4G/LTE waves won’t get access to this plan.

Yup, premium speeds come at premium prices, my friends.

[via Android Police]

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