T-Mobile Gets More Uncarrier With $40 Simple Starter Plan

T-Mobile President and CEO John Legere wants basic phone plans to be uncomplicated and act as more than just a gateway to higher-priced options, according to a new blog post from the often outspoken f

Verizon axing low-end data plans, making $30 unlimited data plan 3G only

<img src="" />With user's appetites for data growing as smartphones become more prevalent, it kinds makes sense that 150MB

Verizon considers 4G data plans based on speed, not just data allowance

<img src="" />In a world where unlimited wireless data plans seem to be going the way of the <a href="

Verizon to offer contract-free plans next week?

Verizon may be coming to accept what much of their market has already realized: if a customer brings their own phone or is willing to pay full price for a non-subsidized phone, there is no reason they

Sprint to reorganize rate plans this weekend

Sprint users are getting new plans, or so says the Internet. The carrier is restructuring its plans to be simpler and make more sense. Basic plans will give you 450 or 900 minutes for either $40 or $6

It's official: T-Mobile offers $99.99 unlimited voice and messaging

Straight from the horse’s mouth: BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb. 19, 2008 – T-Mobile USA, Inc., announces today that it will offer consumers a plan that includes unlimited nationwide wireless calling an

Verizon changes service plans

Anyone using Verizon should take note that Verizon will be updating its plans and ToS agreement today, meaning you have something like 30 days to opt out of your contract should you want an iPhone bad

AT&T iPhone Plans Revealed

Alright. I’m not even going to work my way into giving you the lowdown. You’re sick of the iPhone, I’m sick of it, and we have ourselves some plans to look over. So if you’re b

Verizon Offering Unlimited Messaging Plan

Those of you who avoid texting (I know quite a few of you) because Verizon beats you on the charges can stop shivering in fear. According to initial reports, come April 15th, Verizon customers will be

Sprint Offering Unlimited Plans To Compete With MVNOs

Facing tough competition from MVNOs like Amp’d Mobile and Helio, both of which offer unlimited calling/data plans, Sprint will be testing out unlimited access plans in the San Francisco Bay area

Verizon Unifies Wireless, Landline, DSL Billing

. Verizon Wireless customers who sign up for Verizon local and long-distance will receive unlimited calling between their phones and other on-network customers, from their mobiles or home phones. This