Qwiki Has No Qwiki For Qwiki

The world is starting to get a first hand glimpse of TechCrunch Disrupt winner Qwiki. And one of the things they’re noticing is this – Qwiki has no qwiki for Qwiki.

In other words, the site turns up no results for the query “qwiki,” and apparently a lot of first time users are using that as a test query. Just like lots of people type “google” into Google, or “wikipedia” into Wikipedia. And, yes, a surprising number of you also type “techcrunch” into our own search box.

Qwiki knows millions of things, the site says. It gathers data from resources like Wikipedia, Flickr and Yelp and then present that data in audio, video and image formats. Even obscure restaurants bring up cool results. It’s probably a good idea for them to add their own company into their database. Because people really want to see the Qwicki qwiki.