Target-tracking autonomous guard-bot-tank is the precursor to the Hunter-Killer

Ah, how refreshing. Another reminder of the upcoming Robocalypse. People, if we do the machines’ work for them, we have no chance. We’re honestly designing autonomous killer robots?! This is a Thai project, but I’m going to go ahead and blame Korea anyway.
As you can see, all that needs to happen is a little optimizing and these things will take over the world.

There is one hope:

Wait — nooo!

Batteries: lead acid – 2x 7.5A 12V series together for 24V main power, 6V 5A for microntroller and sensor, 12V 2A for video transmitter, all fully regulated and auto power source swapping when some of batteries run out.

We’re doomed.

[via Hack A Day]