By The Numbers: The iPhone 4 vs EVO 4G

The Android vs iPhone fight is officially on. The EVO 4G fired the first shot last Friday when it launched nationwide on Sprint. The Android nation rallied behind the 4G super phone, which finally gave them a reason to be proud of their mobile platform of choice. They loudly pointed out all the EVO 4G’s iPhone-killing specs: huge 4.3-inch screen, 4G hotspot mode, dual cameras, and cheap mobile plans.

But the new iPhone is finally official after months of leaks and it’s ready to fight although it’s not exactly fair. The fourth generation iPhone isn’t just going up against one phone. Nope, the EVO 4G is just Android’s flavor of the month. A more powerful and sexy Android handset will likely steal its attention by the end of the summer and the iPhone 4 will have to stand against that model as well.

Here we are anyway, though. It’s time to let the two hottest phones on the planet stand toe-to-toe on specs and capabilities. Forget the user experience and all that nonsense. This is about screen resolution, network access, megapixels and all the fun stuff that forum users will be spouting off about for months.