Ooyala: We're All Set To Deliver Video On The iPad

Just because the iPad won’t support Flash doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to watch any videos on the highly anticipated Apple device. Video platform company Ooyala, for one, this morning said it will support full video delivery to iPad when it launches on April 3rd.

The company added that its integration with iPad will help newspaper and magazine publishers create engaging experiences for their readers.

Customers like Telegraph Media Group, Electronic Arts and The Glam Network who are already using Ooyala’s video platform for their website will be familiar with the tools needed to manage the video part of the equation.

Ooyala already assist publishers in delivering video directly to iPhone and iPod touch devices. Part of the company’s video publishing platform Backlot, an intelligent video embed lets the Ooyala player automatically recognize each device and adjust video quality and format for the best possible viewing experience.

Publishers who already deliver video to iPhone will be able to deliver video immediately to iPad.