Can't you see I'm busy, or, how to waste your company's time at work


Much is made over the amount of money businesses lose because of procrastination. You know, the Almighty Dollar and everything. There’s a new Dutch Web site out there, (Can’t You See I’m Busy?—HILARIOUS~!), that provides “work-looking” games that you can play without your boss knowing.

The games, I think, are largely rubbish, but I can understand what the site’s creators are going after. Play ’em if you want, but I’m most interested in the little graphic seen here.

That’s right, the total monetary value of the time wasted on the Web site is now €237,385, which is just show of $350,000. Considering you can hardly find a good-sized house in a nice neighborhood for that kind of money (well, maybe you can now, given that the housing market has collapsed here in the U.S.), I wouldn’t worry about gaming costing your small business and arm and a leg.

Let your workers goof off every now and then, or they’ll be miserable little wretches, which is even worse for your bottom line!

via Huffington Post