Glam Media Goes Mobile

What do you do when you’re sitting on a nearly endless torrent of finely-focused content and a few million bucks in venture capital? You go mobile.

That’s exactly what Glam Media, the distributed media network behind the womens lifestyle site and its male-oriented counterpart, is about to do. As one of the fastest growing sites on the web, its taken a bit longer for them to take on the mobile front than we would have guessed – but their quest to conquer portables begins tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning, Glam will be announcing GlamMobile, a mobile ad publishing and content platform. The new operation is finding its roots in Japan first, with plans to roll out in Europe and the U.S. shortly thereafter.

From what we’re hearing, GlamMobile will make heavy use of GlamAdapt, their re-branded version of the AdaptiveAds service they purchased in January of this year. GlamAdapt detects the user’s carrier, the device’s resolution and multimedia capabilities, then custom-tailors an ad optimized for that phone and user. Initial ad partners at launch all fall right in line with what one would expect for a fashion-focused network, ranging from Maybelline to Diesel.

The first fruits of their labor,, will go live tomorrow morning.