Please be true: remakes of old Bullfrog games coming (Syndicate, Populous)

I had a lot of fun playing Syndicate back in the day. I still have it installed on my D: drive (right between Starcraft and Tribes), and the concept and execution of the game is really as fresh as it was 20 years ago. Even the graphics still stand up pretty well. In fact, I’m very near convincing myself as I write this that a remake of this game really isn’t necessary at all. But if it’s the kind of loving, careful remake we saw with Bionic Commando: Rearmed, I’m all for it.

Populous was another great game, the original in Peter Molyneux’ long line of “build up your town, then strike down the other one” games. It could do with a face-lift, but the gameplay has really been eclipsed by Molyneux’ later work, so it might be best to just redraw some assets, update the code, and release it for five bucks on the various digital distribution sites.

Unfortunately for all of us, the information suggesting this is happening isn’t really solid. In a recent interview, the head of Bright Light Studios (comprising many members of the defunct Bullfrog) said he loved the old Bullfrog IP and would love to see them remade. But beyond that, there’s no promises, no budget, no nothing — nothing but a glimmer in his eye. I guess we’ll have to go with that. In the meantime, the originals are out there for you, and stuff like FreeSynd is as well.

And as long as we’re mining the past, can we get that Blaster Master remake already?