USA Today Launches Headline Aggregator Newsdeck

USA Today has launched Newsdeck, a site that aggregates the top news stories from the paper’s site. Each topic of news has an individual widget on the site with links to news stories. Currently the site features stories on 8 different topics, including “News,” “Money,” “Life,” and more.

Each widget allows you to auto scroll down with your mouse for more headlines. You can also flip the widget and navigate between USA Today’s top stories and most popular stories. USA Today says they are looking to test products like this on the web to see what users really need from a news site when it comes to finding headlines and top stories.

Newsdeck does present headlines in a easy to use interface but I’m not sure if people will use it in the browser. USAToday’s site also features top headlines, although in a different interface. The site is similar to the New York Times’ Skimmer product, which lets you skim the online headlines of the paper. USA Today also recently launched an iPhone app and Android App and has seen a total of 1.88 million downloads of its mobile apps. Currently, USA Today’s iPhone app is the second most popular free news app, behind the New York Times’ app.