Sony releasing 12-megapixel CMOS sensor in March

qfhh7c00000kbxsg Starting in March of next year, Sony will be pushing out cell phone CMOS sensors in excess of 12 megapixels. While my initial reaction would be to bring up the fact that more megapixels doesn’t necessarily equal better image quality, it looks like Sony will be using these "Exmor" sensors in not only cell phones, but "digital SLR cameras and high definition digital video cameras as well."

The "IMX060PQ" sensor will be available in March at 12.25 megapixels. Sony has an 8.11-megapixel sensor coming out this month, too, that falls into the same "Exmor" line. It’ll be interesting to see if these things are actually finally able to replace point and shoot cameras for some people.