This startup hopes photonics will get us to AI systems faster

The problem with waiting for quantum computing to bring in the next wave of AI is that it’s likely to arrive a lot slower than people would like. The next best options include increasing the speed o

Unnatural Acts And The Rise Of Mobile

<b>Editor’s note:</b> <em><a target="_blank" href="">Keith Teare</a> is General Partner at his incubator <a target="_blank" href="http://www.archimedesve

Toshiba Develops Next-Gen CMOS Sensor For Smartphones

<img src="" /> Smartphone cameras have drastically improved in quality in recent years, but they're still not good enough f

Canon's New CMOS Sensor Is 40 Times Bigger Than Others

<img src="" /> Exactly one week ago, Canon unveiled a <a href="

Samsung's new CMOS, HD-capable sensors could be picture perfect

Camera phone pictures could get a whole lot prettier with Samsung’s newest image sensors. The Korean manufacturer has just announced two new CMOS sensors for mobile phones with improved image qu

Toshiba announces new 14.6 megapixel back lit sensor

<img src="" />Toshiba just announced their latest advancement in CMOS technology, the BSI (back-side illumination) sensor. The

Sony releasing 12-megapixel CMOS sensor in March

Starting in March of next year, Sony will be pushing out cell phone CMOS sensors in excess of 12 megapixels. While my initial reaction would be to bring up the fact that more megapixels doesn’t

Sharp announces tiny 5-megapixel CMOS camera

Unless that coin-looking object is actually a manhole cover on 500th Street, the new CMOS camera module on its left is pretty tiny — the world’s smallest, in fact. Ah, indeed it is, accord

Sony Creating 12.47-Megapixel DSLR Sensors

Our galaxy is a big place. Scientists say that if the sun were the size of a period on a page, the Milky Way would be the size of the continental United States. That being said, if you went to the edg