Hurricane Zune Phone continues: Nokia to get Zune content

The last few days, the internet has been ablaze with rumors about the Zune phone — actually, perhaps “ablaze” isn’t the right term. Perhaps “slightly hot to the touch” is more appropriate. I guess someone just had an unconfirmed rumor, and then some people talked about it. Well, this news should add fuel to the fire! Or, I suppose, maybe a fire will start.

Metaphors aside, the news is that Zune content may be coming to Nokia. This comes from “a well-placed source in Microsoft,” which probably amounts to a guy in package design seeing a Nokia phone sitting next to a Zune somewhere. If it is true, it might be interesting, as everyone saw a Zune phone as something that might piggyback on a WinMo platform, but that obviously wouldn’t happen at Nokia. Whether that makes the rumor more or less compelling is a matter of taste.