• Wooo-branded 3D mobile looks like the business

    Not satisfied with simply having better and more capable mobiles than us, Japan has decided that they will no longer have their cellular communications bound by two dimensions. The Ketai H001 sports a 3.1-inch 3D-capable screen, although how much use you’ll get out of the 3D part of it is anyone’s guess. Read More

  • 85% of people: "Them phones is too hard to use!"

    A recent poll of 4000 people (which is probably enough) found that a majority of them felt that mobile phones these days are too hard to set up and too hard to use. I can see that, however I think the iPhone and G1 are doing things right. Even as someone immersed in tech 24/7, I was afraid to explore the capabilities of my old phones on Verizon. Read More

  • Review: Nokia E71

    [ I’ve been putting this one off for a while, but it’s time you youngsters learned about this lovely little device. It’s the latest in Nokia’s E series of smartphones, and as you will learn by clicking above and/or below, it’s a bit of a conundrum. By the way, that part of the video review is supposed to be boring. Read More

  • G1 walkthrough videos: maps, browser, Facebook, and all that

    [ Here are the some official-looking demo vids for the T-Mobile G1. Looks pretty great to me, although our reservations have been stated. One thing Android is not going to disappoint on is an easy, intuitive interface. I like the accelerometer-enabled street view. Another, longer vid after the bump. Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Get HTC Touched by an angel

    Can’t decide between a touchscreen phone and one with real buttons? Why settle for one when you can have both? Get dirty with a Touch Dual by just typing nonsense into a comment box. How much do we love you? Delivering a revolutionary touch experience that will change the way you use your phone, the HTC Touch Dualâ„¢ combines an intuitive touch screen and slide-out keypad within a… Read More

  • Drop your phone a lot? Get a G'zOne Boulder

    I don’t know whether this phone from Casio is pronounced “Jee-zee wun” or “Gazone,” but either way I kind of like the idea of a basic, super-rugged phone. My Samsung Trace has been through a lot and keeps ticking, but I’ve seen a few Oceans go down in my time, to say nothing of sat-on iPhones and such. The Boulder’s feature set is pretty limited… Read More

  • Hurricane Zune Phone continues: Nokia to get Zune content

    The last few days, the internet has been ablaze with rumors about the Zune phone — actually, perhaps “ablaze” isn’t the right term. Perhaps “slightly hot to the touch” is more appropriate. I guess someone just had an unconfirmed rumor, and then some people talked about it. Well, this news should add fuel to the fire! Or, I suppose, maybe a fire will… Read More

  • The cell phone of the future could be controlled with your eye

    NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese wireless carrier, is working on what they call the “cell phone of the future“. So far they have one prototype that looks like a freaky pair of headphones with wires and doo-dads popping out everywhere. Inside it’s packed full of sensors and chips (the ones you can’t eat) that track the electrical current produced by brain when the wearer moves… Read More

  • Google: Android for sure in 4th quarter of 2008

    There’s been waffling about the date Android handsets will become available. I’ve heard February, March (clearly wrong), Summer, late Summer, “second half of 2008” and “late 2008.” Well, not surprisingly, it looks like the latest estimate is the most accurate. Google has decreed: “We’re still on track to announce Android-powered phones this year. Read More

  • NVIDIA's ambitious mobile phones take aim at pretty much everybody

    NVIDIA’s on a roll with their graphics hardware and motherboards, why shouldn’t they find success in the mobile and PMP market? They have the technology. Graphics-intensive applications like 720p video recording and playback are a breeze when you design the whole package from tip to tail with your own technology instead of piecemealing it from various parts. It looks like… Read More

  • Video: Texting your way to love I admit it: I’m a text messaging fiend. And many of the recipients of my texts are cute girls. Texting is a modern form of flirtation, and this video totally nails how it works. It’s so true I found myself blushing. For those keeping score, that’s an iPhone, RAZR, Nokia 6100 series, a Treo, and our star is a Helio Ocean. Read More

  • Europe experimenting with in-flight mobile phone use

    Well, once again, Europe steps ahead of us on the road of progress. Air France is doing limited testing on allowing passengers to use their mobiles while on the plane. The complications are considerable: sound quality is bad due to the method they use of conducting the signal to the towers. People who don’t need phones on the plane don’t want them on planes. And then there is… Read More

  • OpenMoko's Freerunner gets streamlined, priced

    According to someone with authority, the OpenMoko Freerunner phone platform will be selling for $399. There was originally a lux version planned, but they decided to stick with one model and snip until it went below four hundred bucks. It should look somewhat like the Neo-type phone pictured at left. I’ve always been excited for this OpenMoko to get their gear out there on the market… Read More

  • Panasonic's Viera is a sexy phone, not a sexy rabbit lady

    This Japan-only phone has probably the nicest screen in the mobile business at the moment. 854×480 on a 3.5″ LCD, 4000:1 contrast ratio, ready to rock 30fps video. There isn’t too much more info out there, but it does have TV and audio outs and a decent camera. Apparently there’s a speaker stand accessory as well? Looks like they’re going for all-out mobile… Read More

  • Study: Cell phone radiation affects protein expression

    Here it is, your daily dose of semi-rational fear. A bunch of females (two Jettas full) had a patch of skin exposed to an hour of 900MHz radiation from GSM phones. The researchers then checked out skin samples and found that there were several proteins that had their expression affected in every volunteer’s case. I don’t think that’s good for those of us who keep our phones… Read More

  • Kodak is shrinking its cameraphone sensors

    There are already some phones that take some decent, high-megapixel pictures; Sony-Ericsson comes to mind as a company at the forefront of mobile phone cams. Kodak’s new sensor is a 1.4 micron-per-pixel CMOS, which saves space over the 1.75 micron-per-pixel sensors that are common now but keeps the photo quality. For tiny cameras like these, however, I think megapixels are the least… Read More

  • Yahoo! Predicts! More! Porn! On! Mobiles!

    Apologies to the Register for stealing their Yahoo! headline schtick. 2008 will be the year mobile porn gets a foothold on the market, say a number of sources in the industry. Europe, always ahead in the porn game, spent almost $800 million last year on mobile phones — a number I would question if not for the iPhone’s extremely pornable form factor. And the US only spent $24… Read More

  • Kooaba gives your mobile phone object identification

    Kooaba (pronounced exactly how it sounds- I think), works like a search engine to provide your mobile phone digital information using image/object recognition. Confused? Don’t be. The process is simple: You take a picture using your cell phone’s camera. You upload the picture to Kooaba via MMS, Email or provided client-side application. Kooaba then recognizes the picture and sends… Read More