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  • Facebook Is Not Working On A Phone Just Like Google Was Not Working On A Phone

    Facebook Is Not Working On A Phone Just Like Google Was Not Working On A Phone

    In 2007, Google said it wasn’t working on a Google Phone. In 2009, Google said it wasn’t working on its own branded phone. In 2008, Microsoft said it wasn’t working on a Zune Phone. Leading up to the iPhone unveiling, we heard an Apple phone wasn’t coming. Guess what? All those projects were very real. And the Facebook Phone project will prove to be no… Read More

  • Microsoft to introduce Zune Phone with Windows Mobile 7 at MWC

    If there is one rumor that tends to come and go and agonizes Windows Mobile fans, it’s the one about a Zune phone. Although it’s not officially confirmed, Gizmodo has it on good word that Microsoft will be introducing a Zune phone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. More specifically, it will be a Windows Mobile 7 phone with Zune features and capabilities, so… Read More

  • Steve Balmer: Don't expect a Zune phone

    Microsoft’s Steve Balmer doesn’t know if the Zune is coming or going. The portable media player hasn’t knocked the iPod off its perch in its two-year run, and now Balmer recognizes that it may never. Read More

  • Zune UI team merging with WinMo team?

    Although we speculated about the possibility of a Zune phone coming soon (and were subsequently shown the error of our ways), the Zune/phone divide is in fact narrowing, as Ballmer said would happen. But it’s not a “port” as he mentioned; rumor has it that members of the Zune UI team are actually moving to the Windows Mobile team, for what nefarious purpose I will let you… Read More

  • No Zune phone at CES – alas

    I got all riled up last week about the possiblity — really, more of a hope than an expectation — that we might see a Zune phone revealed at CES. Deep down I think I knew I was talking a lot of nonsense, mainly because we know Microsoft isn’t going to abandon Windows Mobile all of a sudden, and we also know they’re planning on expanding Zune-related services to… Read More

  • Zune phone coming at CES keynote?

    Once upon a time, Zune phone rumors were as thick on the ground as Autumn leaves. But as the inevitable nothing happened, they died down and were replaced by the more interesting Windows 7 rumblings. But now Microsoft is in pole position to announce something like a Zune phone, having pretty much let the whole 7 cat out of the bag and lacking any really compelling major product developments… Read More

  • Why Microsoft should make the ZunePhone

    The Zune phone rumor is rearing its nasty Steve Ballmer head again thanks to a CNBC report talking about a device codenamed, “Pink.” Instead of simply dismissing this old rumor again, it might have some truth to it as the mobile world has changed significantly since the last time a ZunePhone rumor circulated. The iPhone is the U.S.’s best selling mobile phone of all… Read More

  • Nokia working with Microsoft on secret Zune phone?

    Zunescene leaked the news that Nokia is working with Microsoft to integrate Zune Marketplace content. But its not clear where the integration will lead, Nokia’s handsets? Nokia’s Music store? Windows Mobile, and if so what’s Nokia doing about it? Check out MobileCrunch for more scoop. Read More

  • Nokia working with Remond on Zune phone?

    Word from Zunescene is that not only is Microsoft working on a Zune phone, but its getting some help from Nokia. Well, really the report says that that two are working to integrate Zune Marketplace content. But one thing could lead to another, right? Nokia doesn’t even make any Windows Mobile smartphones, so is Nokia working with Microsoft to integrate Zune’s music store with… Read More

  • Hurricane Zune Phone continues: Nokia to get Zune content

    The last few days, the internet has been ablaze with rumors about the Zune phone — actually, perhaps “ablaze” isn’t the right term. Perhaps “slightly hot to the touch” is more appropriate. I guess someone just had an unconfirmed rumor, and then some people talked about it. Well, this news should add fuel to the fire! Or, I suppose, maybe a fire will… Read More

  • Zune Phone Commeth: "Not so fast," J Allard

    We know the Zune Phone is coming. It has to. MS is having a pretty hard time in the cellphone market, as Windows Mobile is anything but aweome. Sure, it sells, but who goes shopping for a WinMo phone? You take what you can get. And it’s hardly as profitable as it could be. What MS needs is a hit of a handset, something to fight back at the iPhone. We all know this, and the Zune is a… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Microsoft's Cell Phone with Touch Screen

    What if the Zune was a cell phone? What if it had a touch screen on the back of it? What could you do with it? Microsoft slipped in a patent application covering a cell phone that can be used as a touch screen computer mouse for your PC. After searching on the topic, we’ve uncovered Microsoft-two-sided-cell-phone-touch-screen-control-your-PC-by-WiFi patent application goodness. Whew… Read More

  • Breaking: Zune Event News, Zune Phone, Flash-based Zune (Don't Exist)

    We’d heard rumors around the Internetings that today Microsoft would be disclosing a major announcement today regarding Zune. Our top source indicated that if there was anything today, it’d be the confirmation of the Zune Phone. We also hear it would instead pertain to the oft-mentioned flash-RAM-based “Zune Mini”. As it turns out, it’s a little of both. Read More

  • Is This The Zune Phone UI?

    Is this thing on? OK, does everyone remember the Zune Phone CG told you about? You do? Very good. Other than the fact that it was coming out and we didn’t know anything else about it, but it seems the patent monkeys have found the patent for the Zune Phone’s UI. The UI appears to be tiled and whatever it is you wish to see will be brought to the forefront whilst everything else… Read More

  • First Zune Phone Photo Leaked

    today, I guess it was inevitable. The blogosphere is an arena of oneupmanship and we have officially been one-upped by DSL Reports. It has secured the first known picture of Microsoft’s hotly anticipated Zune Phone. To quote Gizmodo’s Brian Lam, “It isn’t what I expected at all.” Start your professions of lust below. A WiMax Zune Phone? [DSL Reports] Read More

  • The Zune Phone That Might Be

    Last month MobileCrunch and TechCrunch reported on Steve Jobs very public release of the iPhone. Steve Balmer scoffed at the new phone calling it overpriced, but Microsoft may be offering its own mobile version. CrunchGear has been following the leads closely and it has turned into a fairly solid story. Crunchgear reports that on Monday, Microsoft filed an application with the FCC for a… Read More

  • Zune Phone Confirmed! Launch Scenario! 4G WiMax Action! Rumors Off the WTF-o-Meter

    . On Monday, Microsoft filed a mystery application with the FCC for an enigmatic wireless device that could be used to talk over the Internet. Sounds like a VoiP device, right? Not really. The device is described as being used for “consumer broadband access and networking,” which doesn’t sound like vanilla VoIP to me. Microsoft goes on to say that the device would use OFDM as… Read More

  • Zune Phone Indications?

    that Microsoft had begun working on a phone that would be released under the Zune name. Details were, and are, sparse, but since our story broke, an additional rumor has emerged that may or may not bring some more clarity to the situation—how’s that for ambiguity? The current rumor stems from this announcement from Phillipine-based call center Global Sky: Microsoft recently… Read More

  • Source: Microsoft Zune Phone In the Works

    We’ve just received a sound tip that Microsoft is working on its very own phone to be branded under the Zune moniker. Our tipsters inform us that Microsoft execs are in meetings today hammering out details of the device and developing strategies and timescales for its release. Seeing as that the development has hardly started, little is known yet about the Zune Phone, but there are… Read More