'Wayne's World' AMC Pacer up for auction on eBay

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It’s not the actual, actual car from the movie but it was “built by Paramount as a prop for the Paramount Kings Island ride, Stan Milenkos.” So it’s at least somewhat legit.

The Buy It Now price is $7,999.99 and bidding is currently just over $2,500. The car itself is a 1976 AMC Pacer with 25,565 miles on it. It’s located in Columbus, Ohio which, incidentally, is where Biggs is right now so maybe he can dig into his editor-in-chief salary and pick this thing up. The license plate says “SHA WING” for cracked ice.

Here’s more; “Very low mile car, but has all typical pacer problems, Saggy Drivers door, cracked door panels, there is not a working radio in this car or speakers. Even though this car runs and drives I wouldn’t drive it any long distances being that it has been sitting in a show room and a garage for years needs some TLC.” Sounds perfect!

AMC : Pacer [eBay] via Feber.se

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