Online art marketplace Artsy raises $50M at $275M valuation to double down on auctions

The market for buying, selling and learning about visual art online is getting a significant boost today. Artsy, the New York startup that has positioned itself as the go-to place for all things arty

Auctionata Raises $45M To Build Out Its Live-Streamed Auction Business

The tide is rising for live streaming services, and just as this is lifting apps, other kinds of streaming startups are seeing a boost as well. Today, Auctionata, a Berlin startup that broadcasts

eBay To Host Live Art Auctions On New Site

In July, eBay announced a partnership with noted auction house Sotheby’s to help bring its inventory of art, antiques and collectibles online via a new live auction format with real-time biddi

Want A Meeting With Tim Cook? You Can Win One For Charity

<a target="_blank" href="">CharityBuzz</a> in conjunction with the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights is auctioning off a coffee break w

Auction-Meets-Group-Buying Site BagThat Bags $3.2M From Oxford Capital

<a href="">BagThat</a>, a new UK entrant to the daily-deals/e-commerce space, has picked up an investment of £2 million ($3.2 million) to develop its service, a mash-up of two w

StuffBuff Social Bidding System Hits Beta And You Can Try It Here (You Can Also Get a PS3 For Cheap)

<img src=""><a HREF="">StuffBuff</a>, a <a href="

LeWeb: Sokoz turns real-time auctions into web entertainment

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /> [FRANCE] <a href="">Sokoz</a> is a quick-fire real-time, revers

Man to put entire collection of 700 Nintendo games up for auction

<img src="" />Dan Hentschel is a video game collector. He has 2000 video games for multiple systems and now he's selling is entire Ni

Got $2 million? You can buy a T-rex skeleton. Because why not?

<img src="" />Many years ago (like 1992ish), I subscribed to some sort of Dinosaur magazine. It had all sorts of dinosaur facts and

How much would you pay for an original lightsaber?

Say you had to bid on an original lightsaber that Mark Hamill wielded in both Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Go ahead, pick a number. $1000? $5000? $50000? How about a quarter of a

iPhone! $1,000! Unlocked! Nikon lens!

Get over to Alibaba because they’ve got all kinds of unlocked iPhones 3G for your purchasing pleasure. They only cost $1,000 each and they’re apparently carrier agnostic, which is great si

Australian man auctions off his life on eBay

An Australian man is auctioning off his life on eBay. Neat! So yeah, some guy in Australia, Ian Usher, just split up with his wife, and rather than be a good solider and find someone else, he’s

'Wayne's World' AMC Pacer up for auction on eBay

It’s not the actual, actual car from the movie but it was “built by Paramount as a prop for the Paramount Kings Island ride, Stan Milenkos.” So it’s at least somewhat legit. Th

Dear Mom: KITT is up on eBay

I know you read this blog, Mom, to keep tabs on me. And because you’re proud that I’m the only guy here yet to make dick jokes, so I’d like to draw your attention to an auction on eB

CrunchDeals: AOL 1.0 Floppy, $5,000

It’s at zero bids, but it would make a great stocking stuffer for, well, nobody. It’s just interesting to know that these things still exist, or at least one of them. It’s an AOL 1.0

Green Eee (4GB) shows up on eBay Germany

The green Eee wasn’t supposed to be available until early next year and it was supposed to be the 2-gigabyte version. Well there’s apparently a 4-gigabyte version shipping out of Taiwan th

$12,000 NES game up for sale

Don’t you think $12,000 for an NES game is outrageous? I don’t care that it’s a super rare 1990 Nintendo World Championship cartridge. But I guess when there’s only 116 copies and it being the

Old school PlayStation shoes on eBay

Well look at these humdingers. They’re up for auction on eBay right now with a current bid of $1000 and there’s still three and a half days to go. They come with some pretty loud purple la

Yama hama, that's a lot of video games

Another Monday morning with nothing to buy with the $11,000 burning a hole in my pock — what’s this??! Over 1700 video games, systems, and accessories on Ebay?! Shipping varies based upon

The Government Is A Step Away From Taxing Your eBay Sales

Ben Franklin was pretty much right on the money when he said that this country is nothing but death and taxes. Tax experts are pushing the IRS to force online auction sites like eBay and Amazon to tra
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